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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020BBRvl vs BBRv2: Examining Performance Differences through Experimental EvaluationNandagiri A.; Tahiliani M.P.; Misra V.; Ramakrishnan K.K.-
2020Data Center TCP in ns-3: Implementation, Validation and EvaluationJain V.; Henderson T.R.; Shravya K.S.; Tahiliani M.P.-
2020DPDK-FQM: Framework for Queue Management Algorithms in DPDKPandey A.; Bargaje G.; Avinash; Krishnam S.; Anand T.; Monis L.; Tahiliani M.P.-
2020Effective RTO estimation using Eifel Retransmission Timer in CoAPRathod V.J.; Krishnam S.; Kumar A.; Baraskar G.; Tahiliani M.P.-
2020Enhancing QoS in a University Network by using Containerized Generic CachePraveen Raj H.L.; Tahiliani M.P.; Mohanan P.G.; Kamath S.S.-
2019FQ-PIE Queue Discipline in the Linux Kernel: Design, Implementation and ChallengesRamakrishnan G.; Bhasi M.; Saicharan V.; Monis L.; Patil S.D.; Tahiliani M.P.-
2020Geometric Sequence Technique for Effective RTO Estimation in CoAPRathod V.J.; Tahiliani M.P.-
2020Group based Publisher-Subscriber Communication Primitives for ndnSIMAnanthakrishnan S.; Tahiliani M.P.; Tandur D.; Satheesh H.-
2020Leveraging named data networking for industrial automation: Opportunities and challengesNagaraj A.H.; Tahiliani M.P.; Tandur D.; Satheesh H.-
2019Linux-like Loss Detection Techniques for ns-3 TCPBakshi S.; Sahoo A.P.; Keerthana P.; Bhalekar D.; Tahiliani M.P.-
2020NeST: Network Stack TesterRai S.S.; Narayan G.; Dhanasekhar M.; Monis L.; Tahiliani M.P.-
2020On the Importance of Traffic Control Subsystem in ICN-based Industrial NetworksNagaraj A.H.; Kataria B.; Sohoni A.; Tahiliani M.P.; Tandur D.; Satheesh H.-
2020PowerDPDK: Software-Based Real-Time Power Measurement for DPDK ApplicationsShah M.; Yunus M.; Vachhani P.; Monis L.; Tahiliani M.P.; Talawar B.-
2020Teaching EARS to undergrads in the pandemic - Industry academia experienceNair G.V.; Jeppu Y.; Tahiliani M.P.-