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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
20113D Estimation and visualization of motion in a multicamera network for sportsKumar, A.; Chavan, P.S.; Sharatchandra, V.K.; Sumam, David S.; Kelly, P.; O'Connor, N.E.-
2017Accelerating real-time computer vision applications using HW/SW co-designAnirudh, B.K.; Venkatraman, V.; Kumar, A.R.; Sumam, David S.-
2020Accurate estimation of decay coefficients for dynamic range compressors in hearing aids and a hardware level comparison of different architecturesDeepu, S.P.; Kini, M.R.; Sumam, David S.-
2006Adaptive local cosine transform for seismic image compressionAparna, P.; Sumam, David S.-
2015Adaptive Reconfigurable Architecture for Image DenoisingHegde, K.V.; Kulkarni, V.; Harshavardhan, R.; Sumam, David S.-
2011Address generation for DSP KernelsRamesh, Kini, M.; Sumam, David S.-
2018Area and power optimised ASIC implementation of adaptive beamformer for hearing AIDSSamtani, K.; Thomas, J.; Deepu, S.P.; Sumam, David S.-
2015Audio segmentation using a priori information in the context of Karnatic MusicKalyan, V.A.; Sankaranarayanan, S.; Sumam, David S.-
2004Automatic speech recognition using audio visual cuesYashwanth, H.; Mahendrakar, H.; Sumam, David S.-
2018Combined radiogrammetry and texture analysis for early diagnosis of osteoporosis using Indian and Swiss dataAreeckal, A.S.; Kamath, J.; Zawadynski, S.; Kocher, M.; Sumam, David S.-
2011Comparison of OMP and SOMP in the reconstruction of compressively sensed hyperspectral imagesAravind, N.V.; Abhinandan, K.; Acharya, V.V.; Sumam, David S.-
2009Comprehensive address generator for digital signal processingKini, M.R.; Sumam, David S.-
2018Computerized radiogrammetry of third metacarpal using watershed and active appearance modelAreeckal, A.S.; Sam, M.; Sumam, David S.-
2019Copy-Move Forgery Detection using SIFT and GLCM-based Texture AnalysisChowdhury, M.; Shah, H.; Kotian, T.; Subbalakshmi, N.; Sumam, David S.-
2019Cortical volumetry using 3D reconstruction of metacarpal bone from multi-view imagesJayakar, A.D.; Sambath, G.; Areeckal, A.S.; Sumam, David S.-
2018Current and Emerging Diagnostic Imaging-Based Techniques for Assessment of Osteoporosis and Fracture RiskAreeckal A.S.; Kocher M.; Sumam, David S.-
2013Design and implementation of an automatic traffic sign recognition system on TI OMAP-L138Phalguni; Ganapathi, K.; Madumbu, V.; Rajendran, R.; Sumam, David S.-
2018Early diagnosis of osteoporosis using active appearance model and metacarpal radiogrammetrySam, M.; Areeckal, A.S.; Sumam, David S.-
2018Early diagnosis of osteoporosis using radiogrammetry and texture analysis from hand and wrist radiographs in Indian populationAreeckal, A.S.; Jayasheelan, N.; Kamath, J.; Zawadynski, S.; Kocher, M.; Sumam, David S.-
2011Efficient Distributed Video Coding based on principle of syndrome codingAparna, P.; Sumam, David S.-