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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2008Artificial neural networks model for the prediction of steady state phenol biodegradation in a pulsed plate bioreactorShetty, K.V.; Nandennavar, S.; Srinikethan, G.-
2019Bacterial Cellulose production by K. saccharivorans BC1 strain using crude distillery effluent as cheap and cost effective nutrient mediumGayathri, G.; Srinikethan, G.-
2017Biocomposite composed of PVA reinforced with cellulose microfibers isolated from biofuel industrial dissipate: Jatropha Curcus L. seed shellPuttaswamy, M.; Srinikethan, G.; Shetty, V.K.-
2013Biodegradation of phenol using immobilized nocardia hydrocarbonoxydans in a pulsed plate bioreactor: Effect of packed stages, cell carrier loading, and cell acclimatization on startup and steady-state behaviorShetty, K.V.; Yarangali, S.B.; Srinikethan, G.-
2017Biofibres from biofuel industrial byproduct Pongamia pinnata seed hullManjula, P.; Srinikethan, G.; Shetty, K.V.-
2007Biological phenol removal using immobilized cells in a pulsed plate bioreactor: Effect of dilution rate and influent phenol concentrationVidya, Shetty, K.; Ramanjaneyulu, R.; Srinikethan, G.-
2014Cadmium (II) and nickel (II) biosorption by Bacillus laterosporus (MTCC 1628)Kulkarni, R.; Shetty, K.V.; Srinikethan, G.-
2008Combined effect of plate pulsation parameters and phenol concentrations on the phenol removal efficiency of a pulsed plate bioreactor with immobilized cellsShetty, K.V.; Kedargol, M.R.; Srinikethan, G.-
2018Crude glycerol as a cost-effective carbon source for the production of cellulose by K. saccharivoransGayathri, G.; Srinikethan, G.-
2008Effect of media characteristics on performance of upflow aerobic biofiltersSrinikethan, G.; Shrihari, S.; Pradeepan, V.S.-
2019Efficient biosorption of Pb(II) on Pteris vittata L. from aqueous solution using pulsed plate column techniquePrabhu, S.; Srinikethan, G.; Hegde, S.-
2015Extraction and characterisation of cellulose microfibrils from pongamia pinnata seed shellManjula, P.; Srinikethan, G.; Vidya, Shetty, K.-
2006Industrial estate planning for Mangalore Taluk in Karnataka, using remote sensing and GISNavalgund, L.; Shreedhara, V.; Srinikethan, G.-
2019Isolation of Novel Aerobic denitrifier and optimization of process parameters for biological denitrification using RSMJoshi, K.; Lokeshwari, N.; Shet, V.B.; Srinikethan, G.; Ashwini; Sneha; Anusha; Aparna, A.-
2016Isotherm, kinetics, and process optimization for removal of Remazol Brilliant Blue dye from contaminated water using adsorption on acid-treated red mudRatnamala, G.M.; Vidya, S.K.; Srinikethan, G.-
2019Kinetic and equilibrium modeling of biosorption of nickel (II) and cadmium (II) on brewery sludgeKulkarni, R.M.; Vidya, Shetty, K.; Srinikethan, G.-
2011Mixing and solid-liquid mass transfer characteristics in a three phase pulsed plate column with packed bed of solids in interplate spaces-a novel aerobic immobilized cell bioreactorKodialbail, V.S.; Srinikethan, G.-
2011Modelling and simulation of steady-state phenol degradation in a pulsed plate bioreactor with immobilised cells of Nocardia hydrocarbonoxydansShetty, K.V.; Verma, D.K.; Srinikethan, G.-
2006Natural and anthropogenic factors controlling the dissolved organic carbon concentrations and fluxes in a large tropical river, IndiaBalakrishna, K.; Kumar, I.A.; Srinikethan, G.; Mugeraya, G.-
2008Optimum size of granite filter media for the maximum treatment of domestic sewage in upflow anaerobic biofiltersSrinikethan, G.; Shrihari; Pradeepan, V.S.-