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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Efficient Coherent Direction-of-Arrival Estimation and Realization Using Digital Signal ProcessorDakulagi V.; Alagirisamy M.; Singh M.-
2020High-Resolution Fiber Optic Sensor based on Coated Linearly Chirped Bragg GratingSingh M.; Raghuwanshi S.K.; Prakash O.; Saini P.K.-
2020Highly steerable microwave beamforming system near Ku band based on the application of linearly CFBGRaghuwanshi S.K.; Srivastava N.K.; Singh M.-
2021Influence of Fiber Content on Acoustic Emission Characteristics Related to Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Unconfined Uniaxial CompressionVidya Sagar R.; Ghosh S.; Kalloli P.J.; Singh M.-
2020Optimized Dynamic Stochastic Resonance framework for enhancement of structural details of satellite imagesAsha C.S.; Singh M.; Suresh S.; Lal S.-
2020Reactive magnetron sputtered–assisted deposition of nanocomposite thin films with tuneable magnetic, electrical and interfacial propertiesRatnesh R.K.; Singh M.; Pathak S.; Dakulagi V.-
2020Real-time interrogation of fiber optic biosensor using TiO2coated etched long-period gratingSingh M.; Raghuwanshi S.K.-
2020Simulation study of multilayer hybrid plasmonic switch using Franz-Keldysh effectSahu S.K.; Khoja R.; Kanu S.; Kumar A.; Singh M.-
2020Study on co-seismic energy losses from hypocenter to ocean bottom for Sumatra earthquake 2004 using 3-D crustal deformation modelSonker M.K.; Devi R.; Singh M.; Chand R.-