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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021A 36-Pulse AC-DC Converter with DC-Side Tapped Interphase Bridge Rectifier for Power Quality ImprovementSaravana P.P.;; Kalpana R.; Chethana K.S.; Singh B.-
2020Harmonic Mitigation in 12-Pulse Bridge Rectifier Using DC Current Imposition TechniquePrakash P.S.; Kalpana R.; Mohankrishna B.; Singh B.-
2020Inclusive Design and Development of Front-End Multiphase Rectifier with Reduced Magnetic Rating and Improved EfficiencySaravana Prakash P.; Kalpana R.; Singh B.-
2020Investigations on Open-Circuit Faults of Zigzag Autoconfigured Transformer-Based 12-Pulse RectifierKalpana R.; P. S.P.; Vidyasagar V.S.; Singh B.-
2019Multi-Pulse Converter Based DSTATCOM for Power Quality Improvement in Distribution SystemPrakash S.P.; Kalpana R.; Singh B.-
2021An Online Method of Estimating State of Health of a Li-Ion BatteryGoud J.S.; Kalpana R.; Singh B.-
2020Power factor correction in multi-pulse rectifier using zigzag auto-connected transformer and non-isolated SEPIC convertersNikshitha Rao A.S.; Kalpana R.; Saravana Prakash P.; Singh B.-
2020A Reduced Switch Count Switched Capacitor Based High Voltage Gain Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Grid Integration of BTSSheeja V.; Kalpana R.; Singh B.-
2020Third Harmonic Current Injection Based Front-End AC-DC Converter for Power Quality Improvement in DC Distribution SystemsPrakash P.S.; Kalpana R.; Singh B.-
2020Time sharing control based new four port converter for grid integrated solar PV Fed BTS loadSheeja V.; Kalpana R.; Singh B.-