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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2013A Critical Review of Construction, Analysis and Behaviour of Stone ColumnsDheerendra Babu M.R.; Nayak S.; Shivashankar R.-
2020Interference Studies of Adjacent Strip Footings on Unreinforced and Reinforced SandsAnaswara S.; Lakshmy G.S.; Shivashankar R.-
2020Laterites and lateritic soils: Geology, engineering properties and problemsShivashankar R.; Thomas B.C.-
2021A Numerical Study on Interference Effects of Closely Spaced Strip Footings on Cohesionless SoilsAnaswara S.; Shivashankar R.-
2020Numerical Study on Interference of Surface Strip Footings Resting on Stiff ClayHridya P.; Anaswara S.; Shivashankar R.-
2021Seismic Behaviour of Soil Nailed WallAmrita; Jayalekshmi B.R.; Shivashankar R.-
2019Seismic response of basal geogrid reinforced embankments supported over floating and end bearing pilesRadhika M.; Patel M.; Jayalekshmi B.R.; Shivashankar R.-
2020Shear Response of Pervious Concrete Column Improved GroundRashma R.S.V.; Shivashankar R.; Jayalekshmi B.R.-
2021Shrinkage Limit Studies from Moisture Content: Electrical Resistivity Relationships of SoilsVincent N.A.; Shivashankar R.; Lokesh K.N.; Nath D.-
2019Slope stability studies of excavated slopes in lateritic formationsShivashankar R.; Thomas B.C.; Krishnanunni K.T.; Reddy D.V.-
2021Stress Distribution in Basal Geogrid Reinforced Pile-Supported Embankments Under Seismic LoadsPatel R.M.; Jayalekshmi B.R.; Shivashankar R.-
2021Study of Tilt on Adjacent Strip FootingsAnaswara S.; Shivashankar R.-
2020Study on Behaviour of Two Adjacent Strip Footings on Granular Bed Overlying Clay with a VoidAnaswara S.; Shivashankar R.-
2021Study on Behaviour of Two Adjacent Strip Footings on Unreinforced/Reinforced Granular Bed Overlying Clay with VoidsAnaswara S.; Shivashankar R.-
2020A Study on the Seismic Behaviour of Embankments with Pile Supports and Basal GeogridPatel R.M.; Jayalekshmi B.R.; Shivashankar R.-
2020Vertical stresses in soil below a three dimensional structure due to reinforced soil structure interactionPatil N.N.; Rajashekharswamy H.M.; Shivashankar R.-