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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
20143D soil structure interaction analyses of annular raft foundation of tall RC chimneys under wind loadJisha, S.V.; Jayalekshmi, B.R.; Shivashankar, R.-
2017Analysis of Foundation of Tall R/C Chimney Incorporating Flexibility of SoilJayalekshmi, B.R.; Jisha, S.V.; Shivashankar, R.-
2014Analysis of foundation of tall RC chimney with 3D finite element methodJisha, S.V.; Jayalekshmi, B.R.; Shivashankar, R.-
2014Behaviour of Prestressed Geosynthetic Reinforced Granular Beds Overlying Weak SoilShivashankar, R.; Jayaraj, J.-
2014Behaviour of prestressed reinforced foundation beds overlying weak soilShivashankar, R.; Jayamohan, J.-
2012Behaviour of tunnel and surrounding strata using 3Dec numerical modelling: Case study of an U/G metro rail projectNalini, R.; Sastry, V.R.; Shivashankar, R.; Laksmi, S.-
2014Dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis of 300m tall industrial reinforced concrete chimneys on piled raft foundationsJisha, S.V.; Jayalekshmi, B.R.; Shivashankar, R.-
2014Dynamic soil-structure interaction studies on 275m tall industrial chimney with openingsJayalekshmi, B.R.; Thomas, A.; Shivashankar, R.-
2014Effect of dynamic soil-structure interaction on raft of piled raft foundation of chimneysJayalekshmi, B.R.; Jisha, S.V.; Shivashankar, R.; Narayana, S.S.-
2015Effect of interface on pressure-settlement characteristics of reinforced earth retaining wallPatil, N.N.; Shivashankar, R.; Rajashekharaswamy, H.M.-
2009Effect of soil parameters on dynamic cone penetration indices of laterite sub-grade soils from IndiaGeorge, V.; Nageshwar, Rao, Ch.; Shivashankar, R.-
2014Effects of prestressing the reinforcement on the behavior of reinforced granular beds overlying weak soilShivashankar, R.; Jayaraj, J.-
2011Effects of soil parameters and moisture content on stiffness of unsaturated blended laterite using tri-axial tests for rural roadsGeorge, V.; Nageshwar, Rao, C.; Shivashankar, R.-
2019Erosion Studies on Lithomargic ClaysThomas, B.C.; Shivashankar, R.; Jacob, S.; Varghese, M.S.-
2013Evaluation of the effect of soil-structure interaction on the raft of tall reinforced concrete chimneys under across wind loadJisha, S.V.; Jayalekshmi, B.R.; Shivashankar, R.-
2008Experimental investigation on dynamic characteristics of structures founded on a dispersive soilJayalekshmi, B.R.; Lohith, K.; Shivashankar, R.; Venkataramana, K.-
2011Experimental Studies on Behaviour of Stone Columns in Layered SoilsShivashankar, R.; Babu, M.R.D.; Nayak, S.; Rajathkumar, V.-
2014Performance of granular columns in dispersive soilsNayak, S.; Dheerendra, Babu, M.R.; Shivashankar, R.; James, N.-
2011Performance of stone columns with circumferential nailsNayak, S.; Shivashankar, R.; Babu, M.R.D.-
2008PFWD, CBR and DCP evaluation of lateritic subgrades of Dakshina Kannada, IndiaNageshwar, Rao, Ch.; George, V.; Shivashankar, R.-