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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Age-based classification of arecanut crops: a case study of Channagiri, Karnataka, IndiaBhojaraja, B.E.; Shetty, A.; Nagaraj, M.K.; Manju, P.-
2016Analysis of variability and trends in rainfall over northern EthiopiaKiros, G.; Shetty, A.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
2020Assessment of consumption and availability of water in the upper Omo-Gibe basin, EthiopiaNesru, M.; Nagaraj, M.K.; Shetty, A.-
2019Assessment of spatial variation of soil moisture during maize growth cycle using SAR observationsGururaj, P.; Umesh, P.; Shetty, A.-
2013Bond strength behaviour in reinforced concrete members exposed to corrosive environment - An overviewShetty, A.; Venkataramana, K.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.; Kimura, Y.-
2019A Comparative Analysis of Forest Fire Risk Zone Mapping Methods with Expert KnowledgeYathish, H.; Athira, K.V.; Preethi, K.; Pruthviraj, U.; Shetty, A.-
2019Estimation of Monsoon Seasonal Precipitation Teleconnection with El Ni o-Southern Oscillation Sea Surface Temperature Indices over the Western Ghats of KarnatakaDoranalu, Chandrashekar, V.; Shetty, A.; Patel, G, C, M.-
2015Experimental and numerical investigation on flexural bond strength behavior of corroded NBS RC beamShetty, A.; Venkataramana, K.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.-
2018An exploratory analysis of rainfall: A case study on western ghats of IndiaRao, P.S.B.; Shetty, S.; Umesh, P.; Shetty, A.-
2014Flexural bond strength behaviour in OPC concrete of NBS beam for various corrosion levelsShetty, A.; Venkataramana, K.; Babu, Naraya, K.S.-
2020Geostatistical analysis on spatial variability of soil nutrients in vertisols of Deccan plateau region of North Karnataka, IndiaTamburi, V.; Shetty, A.; Shrihari, S.-
2008Groundwater prospective mapping: Remote sensing and a GIS based index model approachShetty, A.; Nandagiri, Lakshman; Padmini, R.-
2018Hybrid atmospheric correction algorithms and evaluation on VNIR/SWIR Hyperion satellite data for soil organic carbon predictionMinu, S.; Shetty, A.; Gomez, C.-
2016Identification and Apportionment of Pollution Sources to Groundwater QualityGulgundi, M.S.; Shetty, A.-
2006In-situ characterization of unsaturated soil hydraulic properties of a laterite soil profile in coastal karnatakaNandagiri, Lakshman; Bore, Gowda, S.B.; Shetty, A.-
2005Land use - land cover mapping using satellite data for a forested watershed, Udupi district, Karnataka State, IndiaShetty, A.; Nandagiri, Lakshman; Thokchom, S.; Rajesh, M.V.S.-
2011Land use scenario analysis and prediction of runoff using SCS-CN method: A case study from the Gudgudi tank, Haveri district, Karnataka, IndiaTejaswini, N.B.; Shetty, A.; Hegde, V.S.-
2012Performance evaluation of rebar in accelerated corrosion by gravimetric loss methodShetty, A.; Venkataramana, K.; Gogoi, I.-
2018Prediction accuracy of soil organic carbon from ground based visible near-infrared reflectance spectroscopyMinu, S.; Shetty, A.-
2015Prediction of the presence of topsoil nitrogen from spaceborne hyperspectral dataGopal, B.; Shetty, A.; Ramya, B.J.-