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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Analysis of series-fed microstrip array antennasFaisalbin, Abdulmajeed, N.; Shet, N.S.V.; Rao, P.H.-
2018Challenges for Decentralized Congestion Control Mechanisms in Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksPatil, A.; Shet, N.S.V.-
2018Clustering and cooperative data transfer in VANETs using index codingPatil, A.; Shet, N.S.V.-
2019Cyber physical system perspective for smart water management in a campusAbhishek, M.B.; Shet, N.S.V.-
2019Data Processing and deploying missing data algorithms to handle missing data in real time data of storage tank: A Cyber Physical PerspectiveAbhishek, M.B.; Shet, N.S.V.-
2017Effective integration of reliable routing mechanism and energy efficient node placement technique for low power IoT networksSarwesh, P.; Shet, N.S.V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Energy aware routing protocol for resource constrained wireless sensor networksPrasad, S.; Jaiswal, S.; Shet, N.S.V.; Sarwesh, P.-
2018ETRT Cross layer model for optimizing transmission range of nodes in low power wireless networks An Internet of Things PerspectiveSarwesh, P.; Shet, N.S.V.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016Experimental analysis of RSSI-based distance estimation for wireless sensor networksMahapatra, R.K.; Shet, N.S.V.-
2019Improving Download Throughput by Saving the Transmission Bandwidth in Vehicular NetworksPatil, A.; Shet, N.S.V.-
2018Localization Based on RSSI Exploiting Gaussian and Averaging Filter in Wireless Sensor NetworkMahapatra, R.K.; Shet, N.S.V.-