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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2007Activity-based software estimation using work break down structureBasavaraj, M.J.; Shet, K.C.-
2013Analysis of cautious adaptive RED (CARED)Tahiliani, M.P.; Shet, K.C.-
2011Analyzing design patterns for extensibilityAnnappa, B.; Rajendran, R.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Shet, K.C.-
2004Authentication based on bioinformaticsMohandas, M.K.; Shet, K.C.-
2012CARED: Cautious Adaptive RED gateways for TCP/IP networksTahiliani, M.P.; Shet, K.C.; Basavaraju, T.G.-
2012A cryptographic hashing solution for mitigating persistent packet reordering attack in wireless ad hoc networksRaju, P.R.; Shet, K.C.-
2008Development of scheduler for real time and embedded system domainRao, M.V.P.; Shet, K.C.; Balakrishna, R.; Roopa, K.-
2009Efficient algorithms for verification of UML statechart modelsPrashanth, C.M.; Shet, K.C.-
2008An efficient event based approach for verification of UML statechart model for reactive SystemsPrashanth, C.M.; Shet, K.C.; Elamkulam, J.-
2013Efficient path finding algorithm for transmission of data in agricultural field using wireless sensor networkPai, S.N.; Shet, K.C.; Mruthyunjaya, H.S.-
2008Empirical validation of software development effort multipliers of intermediate COCOMO modelBasavaraj, M.J.; Shet, K.C.-
2008Estimating and prediction of turn around time for incidents in application service maintenance projectsBasavaraj, M.J.; Shet, K.C.-
2012FARED: Fast adapting RED gateways for TCP/IP networksTahiliani, M.P.; Shet, K.C.; Basavaraju, T.G.-
2008Key management using k-dimensional treesA, R.; Shet, K.C.-
2003Manpower development in VLSI ni India: A case studyShet, K.C.-
2010Meta-level constructs in content personalization of a web applicationAnnappa, B.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Shet, K.C.-
2013NN based ontology mappingManjula, Shenoy, K.; Shet, K.C.; Dinesh, Acharya, U.-
2010Performance evaluation of TCP variants over routing protocols in multi-hop wireless networksTahiliani, M.P.; Shet, K.C.; Basavaraju, T.G.-
2009Petri net based verification of a cooperative work flow modelAnnappa, B.; Jiju, P.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Shet, K.C.-
2013Secured ontology matching using graph matchingShenoy, K.M.; Shet, K.C.; Acharya, U.D.-