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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2013An access control model for cloud computing environmentsThomas, M.V.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2006Active probing based end to end internet path metrics estimation toolSuryanarayana, V.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2013An approach for dynamic scaling of resources in enterprise cloudKanagala, K.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2014Cloud workflow and security: A surveyAnupa, J.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2006Design and development of proactive solutions for mitigating denial-of-service attacksNagesh, H.R.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2006Detection of reticulation events - A character based methodNavada, K.C.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2011Developing a conceptual relationship between web service supply chain entitiesKrithika, V.; Sekaran, K.C.; Kaur, A.; Rajendran, C.-
2001Development of a link layer protocol using UMLSekaran, K.C.-
2006Distributed multi level security token based authentication for ubiquitous objects -DMSAKulkarni, U.P.; Vadavi, J.V.; Joshi, S.M.; Sekaran, K.C.; Yardi, A.R.-
2009Executable specification and prototyping of network protocols using UML and JavaSekaran, K.C.; Gnanamurthy, R.K.-
2013A framework to monitor cloud infrastructure in service oriented approachVeigas, J.P.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2015Game theoretic approaches for job scheduling in cloud computing: A surveyAnanth, A.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2014A Generic Agent Based Cloud Computing Architecture for E-LearningBabu, S.R.; Kulkarni, K.G.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2005Implementation of an adaptive buffering algorithm to improve QoS in VoIPNagesh, H.R.; Sekaran, K.C.; Kordcal, A.R.-
2013Intrusion detection as a service (IDaaS) in an open source cloud infrastructureVeigas, J.P.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2007Memetic NSGA - A multi-objective genetic algorithm for classification of microarray dataKumar, K, P.; Sharath, S.; D'Souza, G, R.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2014Mobile single sign-on solution for enterprise cloud applicationsSpoorthi, V.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2012A multiobjective phenomic algorithm for inference of gene networksD'Souza, R.G.L.; Sekaran, K.C.; Kandasamy, A.-
2012A phenomic algorithm for inference of gene networks using S-systems and memetic searchD'Douza, R.G.L.; Sekaran, K.C.; Kandasamy, A.-
2014Securing cloud workflows using Aggressive Chinese Wall Security PolicyAnupa, J.; Sekaran, K.C.-