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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2008An abstraction based communication efficient distributed association rule miningSanthi Thilagam, P.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2016Alleviating data sparsity and cold start in recommender systems using social behaviourReshma, R.; Ambikesh, G.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2018Application of non-linear Gaussian regression-based adaptive clock synchronization technique for wireless sensor network in agricultureUpadhyay, D.; Dubey, A.K.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2018Applications nature aware virtual machine provisioning in cloudAchar, R.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2019Approaches and challenges of privacy preserving search over encrypted dataSiva Kumar D.V.N.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2018Black-box detection of XQuery injection and parameter tampering vulnerabilities in web applicationsDeepa, G.; Santhi Thilagam, P.; Khan, F.A.; Praseed, A.; Pais, A.R.; Palsetia, N.-
2014A broker based approach for cloud provider selectionAchar, R.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2019Crime base: Towards building a knowledge base for crime entities and their relationships from online news papersK, S.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2012Cross-layer IDS for rushing attack in wireless mesh networksGanesh, Reddy, K.; Santhi Thilagam, P.; Rao, B.N.-
2019DDoS attacks at the application layer: Challenges and research perspectives for safeguarding web applicationsPraseed A.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2016Deriving temporal trends in user preferences through short message stringsDeb, S.; Mohan, S.; Venkatraman, P.; Bindu, P.V.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2016Detection of XML signature wrapping attack using node countingGupta, A.N.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2018DetLogic: A black-box approach for detecting logic vulnerabilities in web applicationsDeepa, G.; Santhi Thilagam, P.; Praseed, A.; Pais, A.R.-
2016Diffusion models and approaches for influence maximization in social networksTejaswi, V.; Bindu, P.V.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2018Discovering spammer communities in twitterBindu, P.V.; Mishra, R.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2017Discovering suspicious behavior in multilayer social networksBindu, P.V.; Santhi Thilagam, P.; Ahuja, D.-
2008DYNA-RANK: Efficient calculation and updation of pagerankKale, M.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2016Dynamic resource allocation for multi-tier applications in cloudAchar, R.; Santhi Thilagam, P.; Meghana; Niha, Fathima, Haris, B.; Bhat, H.; Ekta, K.-
2016Dynamic structure for web graphs with extended functionalitiesGoyal, S.; Bindu, P.V.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2015Dynamics of multi-campaign propagation in online social networksThejaswi, M.; Vijayaraghavan, S.; Das, A.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-