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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
20141-Hexyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride-Potassium Carbonate Aqueous Two Phase System: Equilibrium Characteristics and BSA Partitioning BehaviorRegupathi, I.; Monteiro, S.L.-
2017Anionic surfactant based reverse micellar extraction of l-asparaginase synthesized by Azotobacter vinelandiiMurugesan, S.; Regupathi, I.; Kumar, S.V.; Surendran, A.-
2019Aqueous two phase based selective extraction of mannose/glucose specific lectin from Indian cultivar of Pisum sativum seedRashmi, B.S.; Regupathi, I.-
2015Aqueous two phase partitioning of fish proteins: partitioning studies and ATPS evaluationNagaraja, V.H.; Regupathi, I.-
2018Aqueous two phase partitioning of Pisum sativum lectin in PEG/citrate salt systemBommenahalli, Shashidhara, R.; Regupathi, I.-
2008Characterization and process optimization of microwave drying of plaster of ParisGanesapillai, M.; Regupathi, I.; Murugesan, T.-
2016Continuous aqueous two-phase extraction of ?-lactalbumin from whey in conventional rotating disc contactorKalaivani, S.; Regupathi, I.-
2012Densities and viscosities of binary and ternary mixtures and aqueous two-phase system of poly(ethylene glycol) 2000 + diammonium hydrogen citrate + water at different temperaturesKalaivani, S.; Srikanth, C.K.; Regupathi, I.-
2009Densities and viscosities of poly(ethylene glycol) 4000 + diammonium hydrogen phosphate + water systemsRegupathi, I.; Murugesan, S.; Amaresh, S.P.; Govindarajan, R.; Thanabalan, M.-
2009Densities and viscosities of polyethylene glycol 6000 + triammonium citrate + water systemsRegupathi, I.; Govindarajan, R.; Amaresh, S.P.; Murugesan, T.-
2012Development and Evaluation of PEG-Lithium Citrate Salt Based Aqueous Two Phase System and Its Application in Partitioning of Proteins from Fish Industry EffluentRegupathi, I.; Belur, P.D.; Girish, B.; Nagaraj, V.H.-
2016Dissolution of kraft lignin using Protic Ionic Liquids and characterizationRashid, T.; Kait, C.F.; Regupathi, I.; Murugesan, T.-
2010Drag reduction in co-current down flow packed column using xanthan gumRegupathi, I.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.; Chitra, M.; Murugesan, T.-
2019Effect of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on the storage stability of sardine oilCharanyaa, S.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2018Effectiveness of rutin and its lipophilic ester in improving oxidative stability of sardine oil containing trace waterVaisali, C.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2008An empirical model for the estimation of moisture ratio during microwave drying of plaster of ParisGanesapillai, M.; Regupathi, I.; Murugesan, T.-
2018Enhancement of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid glycerides in Sardine oil by a bioimprinted cross-linked Candida rugosa lipaseSampath, C.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-
2011Interfacial area and mass transfer coefficients in liquid-gas ejectorsArunagiri, A.; Regupathi, I.; Murugesan, T.-
2019Investigating the solubility of petroleum asphaltene in ionic liquids and their interaction using COSMO-RSRashid, Z.; Wilfred, C.D.; Regupathi, I.; Appusamy, A.; Thanabalan, M.-
2017Lipase mediated synthesis of rutin fatty ester: Study of its process parameters and solvent polarityVaisali, C.; Belur, P.D.; Regupathi, I.-