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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
20086 CTA 8.3 G1-1 Cummins engine performance & exhaust emission tests using methyl ester Mahua oil and diesel fuel blendsSharanappa, G.; Reddy, R.P.; Murthy, C.H.S.-
20096BTA 5.9 G2-1 Cummins engine performance and emission tests using methyl ester mahua (Madhuca indica) oil/diesel blendsGodiganur, S.; Suryanarayana, Murthy, C.H.; Reddy, R.P.-
2011Behavioral study of alumina nanoparticles in pool boiling heat transfer on a vertical surfaceHegde, R.N.; Reddy, R.P.; Rao, S.S.-
2012Boiling induced nanoparticle coating and its effect on pool boiling heat transfer on a vertical cylindrical surface using CuO nanofluidsHegde, R.N.; Rao, S.S.; Reddy, R.P.-
2009Characterization and effect of using Mahua oil biodiesel as fuel in compression ignition engineKapilan, N.; Ashok, Babu, T.P.; Reddy, R.P.-
2008Combustion and emission characteristics of a dual fuel engine operated with mahua oil and liquefied petroleum gasNadar, K.N.; Reddy, R.P.-
2008Comparison of performance of biodiesels of mahua oil and gingili oil in dual fuel engineNadar, K.N.; Reddy, R.P.; Anjuri, E.R.-
2010Critical heat flux enhancement in pool boiling using alumina nanofluidsHegde, R.; Rao, S.S.; Reddy, R.P.-
2005Effect of Injection Pressure on Emission Performance of Bio-diesel and its BlendsBasavaraja, T.; Reddy, R.P.; Swamy, V.-
2006Effect of injection pressure on the performance and emission of diesel engine using blend of methyl esters of karanja oil and diesel as fuelKapilan, N.; Reddy, R.P.; Basavaraj, T.-
2007Effect of injection time on the performance and emissions of LPG ME of mahua oil dual fuel engineKapilan, N.; Reddy, R.P.-
2005Effect of injection timing and compression ratio on the performance and emissions of 2 -S SI engine with in-cylinder injection of methanolKapilan, N.; Reddy, R.P.; Prakash, T.P.-
2010The effect of karanja oil methyl ester on Kirloskar HA394DI diesel engine performance and exhaust emissionsGodiganur, S.K.; Suryanarayana, Murthy, C.; Reddy, R.P.-
2009Effect of using Mahua as an alternative fuel in diesel engineKapilan, N.; Babu, T.P.A.; Reddy, R.P.-
2008Evaluation of methyl esters of mahua oil (mahua indica) as diesel fuelKapilan, N.; Reddy, R.P.-
2009Evaluation of properties and storage stability of Madhuca indica biodieselKapilan, N.; Ashok, Babu, T.P.; Reddy, R.P.-
2008Experimental investigation of esters of mahua oil as an alternative fuel for dual fuel engineReddy, P.B.; Kapilan, N.; Reddy, R.P.-
2005Experimental investigations on a compressed natural gas operated dual fuel engineKapilan, N.; Somayaji, C.; Mohanan, P.; Reddy, R.P.-
2012Experimental studies on CHF enhancement in pool boiling with CuO-water nanofluidHegde, R.N.; Rao, S.S.; Reddy, R.P.-
2011Experimental study on CuO nanoparticles in distilled water and its effect on heat transfer on a vertical surfaceHegde, R.N.; Rao, S.S.; Reddy, R.P.-