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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2010Air quality assessment of Dhanbad District, India - A case studyVenkatesh, A.; Singh, G.; Reddy, D.V.-
2011Assessment of water quality of river Ganga along ghats in Varanasi city, U. P., IndiaThomas, T.; Mishra, M.; Thomas, H.; David, A.A.; Bharose, R.; Reddy, D.V.-
2014Evaluation of suitability of garnetiferous biotite gneiss for M-sand production - A case studyAnand, R.S.; Reddy, D.V.-
2012Experimental studies on Iron-ore tailing based interlocking paver blocksRavi, Kumar, C.M.; Kumar, A.; Prashanth, M.H.; Reddy, D.V.-
2016Generation and accuracy assessment of digital elevation model using digital photogrammetry and differential global positioning system techniquesSastry, V.R.; Reddy, D.V.; Raghu, Chandra, G.; Adithya, N.; Saiprasad, S.A.-
2015A geological and geotechnical investigation of some rocks in Trivandrum area, Kerala, IndiaAnand, R.S.; Reddy, D.V.-
2013Geomorphology and hydrogeology of coastal tracts of the Central West Coast of IndiaHonnanagoudar, S.S.; Reddy, D.V.; Mahesha, A.-
2012How to protect your home and neighbourhood from solar flares and solar stormsReddy, P.R.; Reddy, D.V.-
2010Identification of Artificial recharge sites in hard rock terrain using RS and GIS in Chintapally Mandal, Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaRaju, A.; Reddy, A.G.S.; Reddy, D.V.-
2013Modified self - Adaptive Plateau Histogram Equalization with mean threshold for brightness preserving and contrast enhancementRaju, A.; Dwarakish, G.S.; Reddy, D.V.-
2012Seawalls: Performance and their failure analysis along Southern Karnataka, West Coast of IndiaRao, S.; Hegde, A.V.; Dwarakish, G.S.; Prashanth, J.; Reddy, D.V.-
2012Sedimentary environs of the intertidal areas of Massawa coast: Distribution patterns of ornamental Molluscs (Gastropods) Red Sea, EritreaPrabhu, H.V.; Raghavan, B.R.; Deepthi, T.; Asmelash, M.; Fsehatsion, M.; Selemun, M.; Reddy, D.V.-