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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2011Analysis of berthing structures for wave induced forcesShanthala, B.; Rao, S.; Venkatramana, K.; Harish-
2017Application of neural network for the prediction of tensile properties of friction stir welded compositesShettigar, A.K.; Prabhu, S.; Malghan, R.; Rao, S.; Herbert, M.-
2013Application of response surface methodology and enhanced non- Dominated sorting genetic algorithm for optimisation of grinding processPai, D.; Rao, S.; D'Souza, R.-
2010Application of response surface methodology on surface roughness in grinding of aerospace materials (6061Al-15Vol%SiC25P)Pai, D.; Rao, S.; Shetty, R.; Nayak, R.-
2015Classification of tidal inlets along the central east coast of IndiaReddy, N.A.; Vikas, M.; Rao, S.; Seelam, J.K.-
2015Classification of tidal inlets along the central west coast of IndiaVikas, M.; Reddy, N.A.; Rao, S.; Seelam, J.K.-
2011Comprehensive physical model study on wave transmission at plate structureShirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.; Varghese, R.V.-
2011Concrete cubes as armour unit an experimental study for berm breakwaterShirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.; Madhu, M.-
2012Damage level prediction of non-reshaped berm breakwater using ANN, SVM and ANFIS modelsMandal, S.; Rao, S.; Harish, N.; Lokesha-
2011Development of concrete armoured protected breakwater structureManu; Rao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.-
2015Effect of artificial vegetation on wave attenuation - An experimental investigationJohn, B.M.; Shirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.-
2018Effect of stiffness on performance of a diaphragm wall with irregular configurationYajnheswaran, B.; Rao, S.-
2015Effect of stiffness on performance of diaphragm wallYajnheswaran, B.; R, A.P.; Rajasekaran, C.; Rao, S.-
2016Effect of water depth on wave reflection and loss characteristics of an emerged perforated quarter circle breakwaterBinumol, S.; Hegde, A.V.; Rao, S.-
2003Energy dissipation at single row of suspended perforated pipe breakwatersRao, S.; Rao, N.B.S.; Shirlal, K.G.; Reddy, G.R.-
2003Energy dissipation in suspended porous pipe breakwaters in laboratoryRao, S.; Rao, N.B.S.; Shirlal, K.G.-
2018Estimation of potential tidal energy along the West Coast of IndiaMendi, V.; Seelam, J.K.; Rao, S.-
2019Evaluation of tidal stream energy at major tidal inlets of Goa, IndiaMendi, V.; Seelam, J.K.; Rao, S.-
2005Hindcasting of storm waves using neural networksRao, S.; Mandal, S.-
2009Hydraulic performance of tandem breakwater with concrete cubes as armour unitsManu; Shirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.; Bharadwaj, P.-