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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Adsorption and photocatalytic properties of NiO nanoparticles synthesized via a thermal decomposition processRamesh, M.; Rao, M.P.C.; Anandan, S.; Nagaraja, H.-
2017Effect of current density on morphological, structural and optical properties of porous siliconRamesh, M.; Nagaraja, H.S.-
2016The effect of etching time on structural properties of Porous silicon at the room temperatureRamesh, M.; Nagaraja, H.S.-
2018Effect of Lateral Vibrations during Directional solidification on Mechanical Properties of Al-18%wt Si AlloysRamesh, Babu, N.; Ramesh, M.; Kiran, Aithal, S.; Kotresh, K.-
2018Experimental Investigation on Effects of Wire Electro Discharge Machining of Ti50Ni45Co5 Shape Memory AlloysSoni, H.; Narendranath, N.S.; Ramesh, M.-
2018Fabrication of stainless steel based composite by metal injection mouldingVeeresh, Nayak, C.; Ramesh, M.; Desai, V.; Kumar, Samanta, S.-
2016Fabrication, characterization and catalytic activity of ?-MnO2 nanowires for dye degradation of reactive black 5Ramesh, M.; Nagaraja, H.S.; Rao, M.P.; Anandan, S.; Huang, N.M.-
2017High temperature erosion behavior of plasma sprayed NiCrAlY/WC-Co/cenosphere coatingMathapati, M.; Ramesh, M.; Doddamani, M.-
2017Hydrothermally synthesized reduced graphene oxide and Sn doped manganese dioxide nanocomposites for supercapacitors and dopamine sensorsShanbhag, D.; Bindu, K.; Aarathy, A.R.; Ramesh, M.; Sreejesh, M.; Nagaraja, H.S.-
2017Inrush Current Parameters Associated with Back-to-Back Switching of Capacitors in a BankRamesh, M.; Nagamani, H.N.; Vaidhyanathan, V.; Punekar, G.S.-
2020Optimisation of machining parameters for end milling of maraging steel MDN 250 using TiAlSiN and TiSiN coated WC-Co insertsVarghese, V.; Jagmalpuria, A.; Badiger, P.V.; Ramesh, M.-
2017rGO/MnO2 nanowires for ultrasonic-combined Fenton assisted efficient degradation of Reactive Black 5Ramesh, M.; Rao, M.P.; Rossignol, F.; Nagaraja, H.S.-