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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Colossal dielectric permittivity of Nylon-6 matrix-based composites with nano-TiO2 fillersMeti S.; Bhat U.K.; Rahman M.R.-
2021Design and fabrication of optimized magnetic roller for permanent roll magnetic separator (PRMS): Finite element method magnetics (FEMM) approachMohanraj G.T.; Rahman M.R.; Joladarashi S.; Hanumanthappa H.; Shanmugam B.K.; Vardhan H.; Rabbani S.A.-
2020Development and characterization of Cu/MWCNT composite prepared by electrodeposition techniqueBharathi K.D.; Rahman M.R.; Choudhary S.; Arya S.B.-
2020Fabrication of Ag/PDMS-TiO2 flexible piezoresistive pressure sensorKumari K.; R R.; ArunKumar D.S.; Meti S.; Rahman M.R.-
2021Impedance spectroscopy study of zinc oxide incorporated iron borate glass-ceramicRamteke R.; Kumari K.; Bhattacharya S.; Sharma S.K.; Rahman M.R.-
2021Influence of different fumed silica as thixotropic additive on carbonyl particles magnetorheological fluids for sedimentation effectsAruna M.N.; Rahman M.R.; Joladarashi S.; Kumar H.; Devadas Bhat P.-
2020Investigation of sedimentation, rheological, and damping force characteristics of carbonyl iron magnetorheological fluid with/without additivesAruna M.N.; Rahman M.R.; Joladarashi S.; Kumar H.-
2020Investigation of steady state rheological properties and sedimentation of coated and pure carbonyl iron particles based magneto-rheological fluidsSwaroop K.V.; Aruna M.N.; Kumar H.; Rahman M.R.-
2020Rheological characterization of tragacanth gum coated carbonyl particles based magnetorheological fluidSwaroop K.V.; Aruna M.N.; Kumar H.; Rahman M.R.-