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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Chemical free synthesis of graphene oxide in the preparation of reduced graphene oxide-zinc oxide nanocomposite with improved photocatalytic propertiesMeti, S.; Rahman, M.R.; Ahmad, M.I.; Bhat, K.U.-
2019Complex impedance spectroscopy properties of Fe3BO6 nanocrystallites prepared by combustion methodKumari, K.; Ramteke, R.; Rahman, M.R.-
2013Diluted magnetism in Mn-doped SrZnO2 single crystalsRahman, M.R.; Koteswararao, B.; Huang, S.H.; Hoon, Kim, K.; Chou, F.C.-
2014Electronic band structure and photoemission spectra of graphene on silicon substrateJavvaji, B.; Ravikumar, A.; Shenoy, B.M.; Roy, Mahapatra, D.; Rahman, M.R.; Hegde, G.M.-
2019Highly Sensitive and Stable NO2 Gas Sensors Based on SWNTs with Exceptional Recovery TimeChauhan, S.S.; Kumar, D.; Chaturvedi, P.; Rahman, M.R.-
2019Influence of additives on the synthesis of carbonyl iron suspension on rheological and sedimentation properties of magnetorheological (MR) fluidsAruna, M.N.; Rahman, M.R.; Joladarashi, S.; Kumar, H.-
2019Investigating Sedimentation and Rheological properties of Magnetorheological Fluids using various carrier fluidsAruna, M.N.; Rahman, M.R.; Joladarashi, S.; Kumara, H.-
2020Micro-Nano Fabrication of Self-Aligned Silicon Electron Field Emitter Arrays Using Pulsed KrF Laser IrradiationShamim, M.Z.M.; Persheyev, S.; Zaidi, M.; Usman, M.; Shiblee, M.; Ali, S.J.; Rahman, M.R.-
2019Mineralogical studies of low grade iron ore from Bellary-Hospet region, IndiaMohanraj, G.T.; Krishneindu, P.; Choudhary, R.P.; Meena, S.S.; Yusuf, S.M.; Rahman, M.R.-
2015Optoelectronic properties of graphene on silicon substrate: Effect of defects in grapheneJavvaji, B.; Ajmalghan, M.; Roy, Mahapatra, D.; Rahman, M.R.; Hegde, G.M.-
2019A single step unique microstructural growth of porous colossal dielectric constant titanium oxideMeti, S.; Hosangadi, S.P.; Rahman, M.R.; Bhat, U.K.-
2019Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide incorporated iron borate glass-ceramicRamteke, R.; Kumari, K.; Bhattacharya, S.; Rahman, M.R.-
2020Synthesis of Lithography Free Micro-Nano Electron Field Emitters Using Pulsed KrF Laser Assisted Metal Induced Crystallization of Thin Silicon FilmsShamim, M.Z.M.; Persheyev, S.; Zaidi, M.; Usman, M.; Shiblee, M.; Ali, S.J.; Rahman, M.R.-
2017Transient dynamic distributed strain sensing using photonic crystal waveguidesSagar, H.P.; Mahalingam, V.; Mahapatra, D.R.; Hegde, G.; Hanagud, S.; Rahman, M.R.-