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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018A balancing between super transparency and conductivity of solution combustion derived titanium doped indium oxide: Effect of charge carrier density and mobilityPujar, P.; Vardhan, R.V.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-
2020Combustion aided in situ consolidation of high strength porous ceramic structures with a minimum thermal budgetPujar, P.; Pal, A.; Mandal, S.-
2017Development of low temperature stoichiometric solution combustion derived transparent conductive ternary zinc tin co-doped indium oxide electrodesPujar, P.; Gandla, S.; Singh, M.; Gupta, B.; Tarafder, K.; Gupta, D.; Noh, Y.-Y.; Mandal, S.-
2019Facile in situ formation of high conductive Ag and Cu x O y composite films: a role of aqueous spray combustionSalian, A.; Pujar, P.; Mandal, S.-
2019High-performance low voltage operation of indium zinc tin oxide thin film transistors using chemically derived sodium ?-alumina dielectricPujar, P.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-
2018Investigation of sintering kinetics and morphological evolution of silver films from nano-dispersionPujar, P.; Anusha, P.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-
2019Low-temperature reducible particle-free screen-printable silver ink for the fabrication of high conductive electrodesManjunath, G.; Pujar, P.; Gupta, B.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-
2018Retention of high dielectric constant sodium beta alumina via solution combustion: Role of aluminum ions complexation with fuelGupta, B.; Pujar, P.; Mal, S.S.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-