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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019An Algorithm Steps to Solve Coupled Case for Dual Input Dual Output SCCZhaikhan, A.; Subburaj, V.; Mustafa, Y.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Ruderman, A.-
2017Design methodology and sensorless control of electric propulsion system using DTC-SVMPerumal, P.; Ronanki, D.-
2017Design, modeling and analysis of a new dual input-output switched capacitor converterZhaikhan, A.; Subburaj, V.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Ruderman, A.-
2020Efficiency improvement and torque ripple minimisation of four-phase switched reluctance motor drive using new direct torque control strategyReddy, P.K.; Ronanki, D.; Perumal, P.-
2018A fixed frequency duty-ratio based digital sliding-mode controller for DC-DC buck converterPerumal, P.; Ronanki, D.; Kiran, B.-
2019High efficiency two-phase switched-capacitor converter with seven distinct negative voltage ratios for power saving applicationsSubburaj, V.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Mahnashi, Y.-
2019Investigation of a family of dual-output coupled/decoupled switched capacitor converter for low-power applicationsSubburaj, V.; Zhaikhan, A.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Mustafa, Y.; Ruderman, A.-
2019New direct torque and flux control with improved torque per ampere for switched reluctance motorPittam, K.R.; Ronanki, D.; Perumal, P.; Williamson, S.S.-
2018Reconfigurable highly efficient CMOS-based dual input variable output switched capacitor converter for low power applicationsAbraham, C.; Subburaj, V.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Jose, B.R.; Mathew, J.-
2015Simulation study of a power electronic transformer based on matrix converterValappil, A.; Perumal, P.-
2016A SVPWM for reduction in common mode and bearing currents applied to diode clamped three-level inverter fed induction motorRonanki, D.; Perumal, P.-
2019Torque Ripple Minimization of Four-phase Switched Reluctance Motor using Direct Torque Control with an Innovative Switching Sequence SchemePittam, K.R.; Ronanki, D.; Perumal, P.; Beig, A.R.; Williamson, S.S.-
2019Two phase (reconfigurable) inverting switched capacitor converter for micro power applications and its accurate equivalent resistance calculationSubburaj, V.; Mustafa, Y.; Zhaikhan, A.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Ruderman, A.-