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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Analysis &evaluation of Image filtering Noise reduction technique for Microscopic ImagesDevi T.G.; Patil N.-
2020Distributed load balancing frequent colossal closed itemset mining algorithm for high dimensional datasetVanahalli M.K.; Patil N.-
2020An Effective Multi-Label Protein Sub-Chloroplast Localization Prediction by Skipped-grams of Evolutionary Profiles using Deep Neural NetworkBankapur S.; Patil N.-
2020An efficient colossal closed itemset mining algorithm for a dataset with high dimensionalityVanahalli M.K.; Patil N.-
2020Empirical Study on Multi Convolutional Layer-based Convolutional Neural Network Classifier for Plant Leaf Disease DetectionSunil C.K.; Jaidhar C.D.; Patil N.-
2021An Enhanced Protein Fold Recognition for Low Similarity Datasets Using Convolutional and Skip-Gram Features with Deep Neural NetworkBankapur S.; Patil N.-
2020A fast and novel approach based on grouping and weighted mRMR for feature selection and classification of protein sequence dataKaur K.; Patil N.-
2019A novel technique of feature selection with relieff and CFS for protein sequence classificationKaur K.; Patil N.-
2020ProgSIO-MSA: Progressive-based single iterative optimization framework for multiple sequence alignment using an effective scoring systemBankapur S.; Patil N.-
2020Study of elastic and frictional behaviour of fiber reinforced polymer (epoxy) matrix compositePatil N.; Krishna P.-