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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Colorimetric and fluorometric turn-on sensor for selective detection of fluoride ions: Sol-gel transition studies and theoretical insightsPangannaya, S.; Mohan, M.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2018Electroanalytical and spectral investigation of organic receptors as colorimetric and absorption ratiometric anion chemosensorPangannaya, S.; Thimaradka, V.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2017Electrooptical characteristics and anion binding behaviour of organic receptors: Effect of substitution on colorimetric responsePangannaya, S.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2018Hydrazinylpyridine based highly selective optical sensor for aqueous source of carbonate ions: Electrochemical and DFT studiesThimaradka, V.; Pangannaya, S.; Mohan, M.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2018Multicoloured Thiophene Based AIEgens: Single Crystal Structure Elucidation, Spectral Behaviour and DFT StudiesMohan, M.; Pangannaya, S.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2018Photophysical and electrochemical properties of organic molecules: Solvatochromic effect and DFT studiesMohan, M.; Pangannaya, S.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2019Screening of chitin deacetylase producing microbes from marine source using a novel receptor on agar platePawaskar, G.M.; Pangannaya, S.; Raval, K.; Trivedi, D.R.; Raval, R.-
2017Spectral and DFT studies of anion bound organic receptors: Time dependent studies and logic gate applicationsPangannaya, S.; Purayil, N.P.; Dabhi, S.; Mankad, V.; Jha, P.K.; Shinde, S.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2017Synthesis and spectral investigation of colorimetric receptors for the dual detection of copper and acetate ions: application in molecular logic gatesPangannaya, S.; Kaur, A.; Mohan, M.; Raval, K.; Chand, D.K.; Trivedi, D.R.-