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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2010Attacks on web services and mitigation schemesPatel, V.; Mohandas, R.; Pais, A.R.-
2011Automatic shadow removal algorithm for VOP, DWT based watermarking algorithm for VOP and generation of super resolved VOPPais, A.R.; D'Souza, J.; Reddy, R.M.; Hari, Krishna, P.-
2009Automatic video object plane segmentation and super resolution: A novel approachPais, A.R.; Pasupuleti, N.; Gidnavar, R.; D'Souza, J.-
2019Bad signature identification in a batch using error detection codesKittur, A.S.; Kauthale, S.; Pais, A.R.-
2017Batch verification of Digital Signatures: Approaches and challengesKittur, A.S.; Pais, A.R.-
2018Black-box detection of XQuery injection and parameter tampering vulnerabilities in web applicationsDeepa, G.; Santhi Thilagam, P.; Khan, F.A.; Praseed, A.; Pais, A.R.; Palsetia, N.-
2019Blockchain based En-Route Filtering of False Data in Wireless Sensor NetworksKumar, A.; Pais, A.R.-
2020CatchPhish: detection of phishing websites by inspecting URLsRao, R.S.; Vaishnavi, T.; Pais, A.R.-
2015A chinese remainder theorem based key management algorithm for hierarchical wireless sensor networkBhaskar, P.K.; Pais, A.R.-
2019Contrast enhancement of Progressive Visual Secret Sharing (PVSS) scheme for gray-scale and color images using super-resolutionMhala, N.C.; Pais, A.R.-
2009Design and implementation of secure Internet based voting system with user anonymity using Identity Based Encryption SystemPurushothama, B.R.; Pais, A.R.-
2011Detecting & defeating split personality malwareVishnani, K.; Pais, A.R.; Mohandas, R.-
2017Detecting phishing websites using automation of human behaviorRao, R.S.; Pais, A.R.-
2011Detection and prevention of SQL injection attacks using semantic equivalenceNarayanan, S.N.; Pais, A.R.; Mohandas, R.-
2019Detection of phishing websites using an efficient feature-based machine learning frameworkRao, R.S.; Pais, A.R.-
2018Deterministic En-Route Filtering of False Reports: A Combinatorial Design Based ApproachKumar, A.; Pais, A.R.-
2018DetLogic: A black-box approach for detecting logic vulnerabilities in web applicationsDeepa, G.; Santhi Thilagam, P.; Praseed, A.; Pais, A.R.-
2016Distributed data aggregation in wireless sensor network: With peer verificationChatterjee, S.; Pais, A.R.; Saurabh, S.-
2013Effectiveness of SIP messages on SIP serverBansal, A.; Kulkarni, P.; Pais, A.R.-
2016Efficient key management in IoT using mobile aggregatorSaurabh, S.; Pais, A.R.; Chatterjee, S.-