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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2015An Alternative Method to Estimate Fundamental Period of Layered Soil DepositVijayendra, K.V.; Nayak, S.; Prasad, S.K.-
2007Anti-diarrheal potential of Aegle Marmelos Corr. root bark extract in ratsVrushabendra, S.B.M.; Nataraj, K.S.; Jayaveera, K.N.; Gopkumar, P.; Nayak, S.; Kumar, G.S.; Umachigi, S.P.-
2009Characterization of small-scale groundwater irrigation schemes in a humid coastal region of southern IndiaNayak, S.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
2004Determination of displacement-related passive earth pressureRao, K.S.S.; Nayak, S.; Choudhury, D.-
2012Effect of Cement and Quarry Dust on Shear Strength and Hydraulic Characteristics of Lithomargic ClayNayak, S.; Sarvade, P.G.-
2019Effect of Column Configuration on the Performance of Encased Stone Columns with Basal Geogrid Installed in Lithomargic ClayNayak, S.; Vibhoosha, M.P.; Bhasi, A.-
2006Effect of pH on the geotechnical properties of lateriteSunil, B.M.; Nayak, S.; Shrihari, S.-
2019Experimental investigation on the stabilization of soft clay using granulated blast furnace slagPreetham, H.K.; Nayak, S.; Surya, E.V.-
2011Experimental Studies on Behaviour of Stone Columns in Layered SoilsShivashankar, R.; Babu, M.R.D.; Nayak, S.; Rajathkumar, V.-
2012Geotechnical characteristics of lithomargic clay blended with marine clay as landfill liner materialAllamaprabhu, K.; Sunil, B.M.; Nayak, S.; Fernandes, S.; Zafar, M.-
2019Geotechnical Investigations on Marine Clay Stabilized Using Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and CementPreetham, H.K.; Nayak, S.-
2007Hydraulic and compaction characteristics of leachate-contaminated lateritic soilNayak, S.; Sunil, B.M.; Shrihari, S.-
2017Influence of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Cement on the Strength Properties of Lithomargic ClaySekhar, D.C.; Nayak, S.; Preetham, H.K.-
2010Interactions Between Soils and Laboratory Simulated Electrolyte SolutionNayak, S.; Sunil, B.M.; Shrihari, S.; Sivapullaiah, P.V.-
2011Microfabric and mineralogical studies using sem and xrd on the lithomargic clay stabilized with cement and quarry dustSarvade, P.G.; Nayak, S.-
2016A mobile application for Women's Safety: WoSAppChand, D.; Nayak, S.; Bhat, K.S.; Parikh, S.; Singh, Y.; Kamath, A.A.-
2011Modeling and performance analysis of microturbine based Distributed Generation system, "a review"Gaonkar, D.N.; Nayak, S.-
2014Performance of granular columns in dispersive soilsNayak, S.; Dheerendra, Babu, M.R.; Shivashankar, R.; James, N.-
2011Performance of stone columns with circumferential nailsNayak, S.; Shivashankar, R.; Babu, M.R.D.-
2019SEM and XRD investigations on lithomargic clay stabilized using granulated blast furnace slag and cementC, Sekhar, D.; Nayak, S.-