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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2011Abrasive wear behavior of granite-filled glass-epoxy composites by SiC particles using statistical analysisBasavarajappa, S.; Yadav, S.M.; Kumar, S.; Arun, K.V.; Narendranath, S.-
2018Analysis and Optimization of WEDM Performance Characteristics of Inconel 706 for Aerospace ApplicationSharma, P.; Chakradhar, D.; Narendranath, S.-
2019Analysis of surface hardness and surface roughness in diamond burnishing of 17-4 PH stainless steelSachin, B.; Narendranath, S.; Chakradhar, D.-
2017ANN and RSM modeling methods for predicting material removal rate and surface roughness during WEDM of Ti50Ni40Co10 shape memory alloySoni, H.; Narendranath, S.; Ramesh, M.R.-
2020Application of Desirability Approach to Optimize the Control Factors in Cryogenic Diamond BurnishingSachin, B.; Narendranath, S.; Chakradhar, D.-
2015Application of differential transform method for estimating thermal cycle developed in GTA welding of high carbon steel jointsDutta, J.; Narendranath, S.; Aleksandr, Z.-
2011Collapse mechanism of foam cored sandwich structures under compressive loadYadav, S.M.; Arun, K.V.; Basavarajappa, .S.; Narendranath, S.; Kumar, S.-
2016Condition monitoring of face milling tool using K-star algorithm and histogram features of vibration signalMadhusudana, C.K.; Kumar, H.; Narendranath, S.-
2018Condition monitoring of single point cutting tools based on machine learning approachGangadhar, N.; Kumar, H.; Narendranath, S.; Sugumaran, V.-
2016Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Super Duplex Stainless Steel AISI 2507: A Statistical ApproachDavanageri, M.; Narendranath, S.; Kadoli, R.-
2019Effect of Annealing and Aging Treatment on Pitting Corrosion Resistance of Fine-Grained Mg-8%Al-0.5%Zn AlloyNaik, G.M.; Narendranath, S.; Satheesh, Kumar, S.S.; Sahu, S.-
2015Effect of combined grain refinement and modification on microstructure and mechanical properties of hypoeutectic, eutectic and hypereutectic Al-Si alloysShivaprasad, C.G.; Aithal, K.; Narendranath, S.; Desai, V.; Mukunda, P.G.-
2018Effect of cryogenic diamond burnishing on residual stress and microhardness of 17-4 PH stainless steelSachin, B.; Narendranath, S.; Chakradhar, D.-
2019Effect of ECAP Die Angles on Microstructure Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of AZ80 Mg AlloyNaik, G.M.; Narendranath, S.; Kumar, S.S.S.-
2015Effect of electrode material in wire electro discharge machining characteristics of Ti50Ni50-xCux shape memory alloyManjaiah, M.; Narendranath, S.; Basavarajappa, S.; Gaitonde, V.N.-
2013Effect of equal channel angular pressing on AZ31 wrought magnesium alloysMuralidhar, A.; Narendranath, S.; Shivananda, Nayaka, H.-
2018Effect of FSW on microstructure and hardness of AA6061/SiC/fly ash MMCsSachinkumar; Narendranath, S.; Chakradhar, D.-
2019Effect of grain refinement on mechanical and corrosion behavior of AZ91 magnesium alloy processed by ECAEGajanan, M.N.; Narendranath, S.; Satheesh, Kumar, S.S.-
2018Effect of grain refinement on the performance of AZ80 Mg alloys during wear and corrosionNaik, G.M.; Gote, G.D.; Narendranath, S.; Satheesh, Kumar, S.S.-
2019Effect of low temperature annealing on the properties of nano Ni-Ti alloysMukunda, S.; Vinyas, M.; Narendranath, S.; Herbert, M.A.-