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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Age-based classification of arecanut crops: a case study of Channagiri, Karnataka, IndiaBhojaraja, B.E.; Shetty, A.; Nagaraj, M.K.; Manju, P.-
2020Assessment of consumption and availability of water in the upper Omo-Gibe basin, EthiopiaNesru, M.; Nagaraj, M.K.; Shetty, A.-
2018Assessment of Interactions between River and Aquifer in the Gowri-hole Sub-catchmentHarish, Kumar, S.; Nagaraj, M.K.-
2010Changes in soil and water quality parameters in selected shrimp culture ponds and its influence on shrimp productionVaradaraju, S.; Nagaraj, M.K.; Badami, S.H.-
2007Combined optimisation simulation model for groundwater management policy optionsYaragal, S.C.; Nagaraj, M.K.-
2013Ground water potential assessment of Haladi River basin in Westernghat of Udupi district, Karnataka, IndiaMahadeve, Gowda, S.K.; Nagaraj, M.K.-
2010Impact assessment of watershed development programme - A case study of Itagi watershedPalakshappa, K.; Nagaraj, M.K.; Shivapur, A.V.-
2007Performance of major ports using performance appraisal indexYaragal, S.C.; Nagaraj, M.K.-
2012Planning, designing and performance evaluation of gravity based water distribution network - a case studySanjay, Kumar, G.R.; Prithviraj, H.K.; Yaragal, S.C.; Nagaraj, M.K.-
2008Sensitivity of land cover parameter in runoff estimation using gisNagaraj, M.K.; Yaragal, S.C.-
2010Soil water holding capacity and its related properties for brackishwater shrimp farming along Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka, IndiaVaradaraju, S.; Nagaraj, M.K.; Badami, S.H.-
2011Study on shelter effect of solid wind fencesPruthviraj, U.; Prashanth, J.; Yaragal, S.C.; Nagaraj, M.K.-