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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2009Acoustic analysis of short areca fiber-reinforced PF compositesMohankumar, G.C.-
2019Calcium phosphate bioceramics with polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels for biomedical applicationsSantosh, Kumar, B.Y.; Isloor, A.M.; Anil, S.; Venkatesan, J.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2019Characterization and mechanical properties of sisal fabric reinforced polyvinyl alcohol green composites: Effect of composition and loading directionNagamadhu, M.; Jeyaraj, P.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2018Compressive and swelling behavior of cuttlebone derived hydroxyapatite loaded PVA hydrogel implants for articular cartilageKumar, B.Y.S.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Isloor, A.M.-
2018Compressive behavior of cenosphere/epoxy syntactic foams in arctic conditionsShahapurkar, K.; Garcia, C.D.; Doddamani, M.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Prabhakar, P.-
2016Computational design of mould sprue for injection moulding thermoplasticsLakkanna, M.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Kadoli, R.-
2015Criticality of appreciating non-newtonianivity in plastic injection mould conduit designLakkanna, M.; Kadoli, R.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2017Design and development of microneedle array-based electrode for bio-potential measurementBalashanmugam, N.; Naveen, K.; Krishna, P.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2013Design of sprue bush for a plastic injection mould: A machine perspectiveLakkanna, M.; Kadoli, R.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2012A detailed study on hybrid plant fibers for packaging applicationsSaravana, Bavan, D.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2018Dynamic impact behavior of syntactic foam core sandwich compositesBreunig, P.; Damodaran, V.; Shahapurkar, K.; Waddar, S.; Doddamani, M.; Jeyaraj, P.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Prabhakar, P.-
2019Dynamic mechanical analysis of glutaraldehyde cross linked polyvinyl alcohol under tensile modeMohankumar, G.C.; Jeyaraj, P.; Nagamadhu, M.-
2018Effect of arctic environment on flexural behavior of fly ash cenosphere reinforced epoxy syntactic foamsGarcia, C.D.; Shahapurkar, K.; Doddamani, M.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Prabhakar, P.-
2019Effect of cenosphere filler surface treatment on the erosion behavior of epoxy matrix syntactic foamsShahapurkar, K.; Doddamani, M.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Gupta, N.-
2017Effect of specimen crack lengths on stress intensity factor for Al6061-TiC composites using experimental and 3D numerical methodsRaviraj, M.S.; Sharanaprabhu, C.M.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2018Effect of stacking sequence on mechanical properties neem wood veneer plastic compositesNagamadhu, M.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2018Effect of TiC addition on fracture toughness of Al6061 alloyRaviraj, M.S.; Sharanprabhu, C.M.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2018Experimental and 3D FE evaluation of crack initiation energy J 1C in Al6061-TiC compositesRaviraj, M.S.; Sharanaprabhu, C.M.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2016Experimental investigation of effect of specimen thickness on fracture toughness of Al-TiC compositesRaviraj, M.S.; Sharanaprabhu, C.M.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2011Experimental investigation of thermal properties of areca fiber reinforced phenol formaldehyde compositesManavendra, G.; Kumarappa, S.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Bharath, K.N.-