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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Dual Role CDSC-Based Dual Vector Control for Effective Operation of DVR with Harmonic MitigationKarthikeyan, A.; Krishna, D.G.A.; Kumar, S.; Perumal, B.V.; Mishra, S.-
2019E-recruitment and training comprehensiveness: untapped antecedents of employer brandingMishra, S.; Pavan Kumar, S.-
2019Effect of Partial Shading on PV Fed Induction Motor Water Pumping SystemsMudlapur, A.; Ramana, V.V.; Damodaran, R.V.; Balasubramanian, V.; Mishra, S.-
2018Efficient global peak tracking of PV system under mismatching conditions using searching technique and bisection methodRamana, V.V.; Mudlapur, A.; Damodaran, R.V.; Venkatesaperumal, B.; Mishra, S.-
2019Global Peak Tracking of Photovoltaic Array under Mismatching Conditions Using Current ControlRamana, V.V.; Mudlapur, A.; Damodaran, R.V.; Venkatesaperumal, B.; Mishra, S.-
2018Modified Hysteresis Current Control for Single Phase Solar Grid-tie Z-Source InverterViswadev, R.; Venkatesaperumal, B.; Mudlapur, A.; Ramana, V.V.; Mishra, S.-
2019A Multi-Level Control and Optimization Scheme for Islanded PV Based Microgrid: A Control Frame WorkMathew, P.; Madichetty, S.; Mishra, S.-
2019A Multilevel Distributed Hybrid Control Scheme for Islanded DC MicrogridsMathew, P.; Madichetty, S.; Mishra, S.-
2018Output voltage control of DC-DC boost converter using model predictive control approachKhunte, K.V.; Madichetty, S.; Mishra, S.-
2019Prospecting the enablers for adoption of e-recruitment practices in organisations: A proposed frameworkMishra, S.; Pavan Kumar, S.-
2018Real and reactive power control of solar grid-tie inverter under distorted grid conditionsViswadev, R.; Ramana, V.V.; Venkatesaperumal, B.; Mishra, S.-
2018Single stage PV fed reduced inverter based PMSM for standalone water pumping applicationKarthikeyan, A.; Prabhakaran, K.K.; Varsha, S.; Venkatesa, Perumal, B.; Mishra, S.-