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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Adsorption mechanism of emerging and conventional phenolic compounds on graphene oxide nanoflakes in waterCatherine, H.N.; Ou, M.-H.; Manu, B.; Shih, Y.-H.-
2019Bacteriological synthesis of iron hydroxysulfate using an isolated Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans strain and its application in ametryn degradation by Fenton's oxidation processBhaskar, S.; Manu, B.; Sreenivasa, M.Y.-
2019Biodegradation of ametryn and dicamba in a sequential anaerobic-aerobic batch reactor: A case studyMahesh, G.B.; Manu, B.-
2019Biological Treatment of 3,6-Dichloro-2-Methoxybenzoic Acid Using Anaerobic-Aerobic Sequential Batch ReactorMahesh, G.B.; Manu, B.-
2019Catalytic efficiency of laterite-based FeNPs for the mineralization of mixture of herbicides in waterSangami, S.; Manu, B.-
2011Degradation of paracetamol in aqueous solution by Fenton Oxidation and photo-Fenton Oxidation processes using iron from Laterite soil as catalystManu, B.; Mahamood-
2011Enhanced degradation of paracetamol by UV-C supported photo-Fenton process over Fenton oxidationManu, B.; Mahamood, S.-
2019Evaluation of pyrolyzed areca husk as a potential adsorbent for the removal of Fe2+ ions from aqueous solutionsSheeka, Subramani, B.; Shrihari, S.; Manu, B.; Babunarayan, K.S.-
2017Fenton's treatment of actual agriculture runoff water containing herbicidesSangami, S.; Manu, B.-
2015Fuzzy system modeling for forecasting water quality index in municipal distribution systemPatki, V.K.; Shrihari, S.; Manu, B.; Deka, P.C.-
2016Low cost Fenton's oxidative degradation of 4-nitroaniline using iron from lateriteAmritha, A.S.; Manu, B.-
2019Nano-scale Iron Oxide as Heterogeneous Fenton Catalyst for Organic Pollution Degradation and Heavy Metal Remediation in Water Sample of Byramangala Lake, KarnatakaNagappa, D.; Manu, B.-
2019Removal of ametryn and organic matter from wastewater using sequential anaerobic-aerobic batch reactor: A performance evaluation studyMahesh, G.B.; Manu, B.-
2015Reuse of incinerated textile mill sludge as adsorbent for dye removalJahagirdar, S.S.; Shrihari, S.; Manu, B.-
2017Synthesis of Green Iron Nanoparticles using Laterite and their application as a Fenton-like catalyst for the degradation of herbicide Ametryn in waterSangami, S.; Manu, B.-