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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020A comparative study on enhancer and inhibitor of glycine–nitrate combustion ZnO screen-printed sensor: detection of low concentration ammonia at room temperatureManjunath G.; Nagaraju P.; Mandal S.-
2021Effect of Fe3+ substitution on the structural modification and band structure modulated UV absorption of hydroxyapatiteHadagalli K.; Shenoy S.; Shakya K.R.; Manjunath G.; Tarafder K.; Mandal S.; Basu B.-
2021Entropy stabilized multicomponent oxides with diverse functionality–a reviewSalian A.; Mandal S.-
2020A facile, low temperature spray pyrolysed tungsten oxide (WO3): an approach to antifouling coating by amalgamating scratch resistant and water repellent propertiesVardhan R.V.; Kumar S.; Mandal S.-
2021Improved Fracture Toughness and Crack Arrest Ability of Graphene–Alumina NanocompositeAkhil Raj V.R.; Hadagalli K.; Jana P.; Mandal S.-
2021Room-temperature detection of ammonia and formaldehyde gases by LaxBa1−xSnO3−δ (x = 0 and 0.05) screen printed sensors: effect of ceria and ruthenate sensitizationManjunath G.; Vardhan R.V.; Praveen L.L.; Nagaraju P.; Mandal S.-
2019Sodium ion incorporated alumina - A versatile anisotropic ceramicPujar P.; Gupta B.; Sengupta P.; Gupta D.; Mandal S.-
2020Structural, compositional and spectral investigation of prawn exoskeleton nanocomposite: UV protection from mycosporine-like amino acidsHadagalli K.; Kumar R.; Mandal S.; Basu B.-
2019Swarm intelligence-based support vector machine (PSO-SVM) approach in the prediction of scour depth around the bridge pierSreedhara B.M.; Manu; Mandal S.-
2021Ultra-sensitive clogging free combustible molecular precursor-based screen-printed ZnO sensors: a detection of ammonia and formaldehyde breath markersManjunath G.; Nagaraju P.; Mandal S.-