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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Ceria-samarium binary metal oxides: A comparative approach towards structural properties and soot oxidation activityAnantharaman, A.P.; Geethu, J.; P, M.R.; Dasari, Hari Prasad; Lee, J.-H.; Bhaskar, Babu, G.U.; Dasari, H.-
2020Nanocatalyst-induced hydroxyl radical ( OH) slurry for tungsten CMP for next-generation semiconductor processingPoddar, M.K.; Ryu, H.-Y.; Yerriboina, N.P.; Jeong, Y.-A.; Lee, J.-H.; Kim, T.-G.; Kim, J.-H.; Park, J.-D.; Lee, M.-G.; Park, C.-Y.; Han, S.-J.; Choi, J.-G.; Park, J.-G.-
2018Praseodymium doped ceria as electrolyte material for IT-SOFC applicationsShajahan, I.; Ahn, J.; Nair, P.; Medisetti, S.; Patil, S.; Niveditha, V.; Uday, Bhaskar, Babu, G.; Dasari, Hari Prasad; Lee, J.-H.-
2016Record-low sintering-temperature (600 c) of solid-oxide fuel cell electrolyteDasari, Hari Prasad; Ahn, K.; Park, S.-Y.; Hong, J.; Kim, H.; Yoon, K.J.; Son, J.-W.; Kim, B.-K.; Lee, H.-W.; Lee, J.-H.-
2017Soot Oxidation Activity of Redox and Non-Redox Metal Oxides Synthesised by EDTA Citrate MethodAnantharaman, A.P.; Dasari, Hari Prasad; Lee, J.-H.; Babu, G.U.B.; Dasari, H.-
2017Synthesis of GDC electrolyte material for IT-SOFCs using glucose & fructose and its characterizationMedisetti, S.; Ahn, J.; Patil, S.; Goel, A.; Bangaru, Y.; Sabhahit, G.V.; Babu, G.U.B.; Lee, J.-H.; Dasari, Hari Prasad-
2013Ultrafast dynamics of autoionizing states in O2 probed by laser-field-assisted XUV photoionizationZhu, C.; Ko, D.H.; Kang, K.S.; Lee, J.; Lee, J.-H.; Umesh, G.; Krishnakumar, E.; Nam, C.H.-