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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Based Despeckling Framework for Ultrasound ImagesGupta P.K.; Lal S.; Husain F.-
2020CloudX-net: A robust encoder-decoder architecture for cloud detection from satellite remote sensing imagesKanu S.; Khoja R.; Lal S.; Raghavendra B.S.; CS A.-
2021Dehazing of Satellite Images using Adaptive Black Widow Optimization-based frameworkSuresh S.; Ragesh Rajan M.; Pushparaj J.; Cs A.; Lal S.; Reddy C.S.-
2020A framework for automated bone age assessment from digital hand radiographsSimu S.; Lal S.-
2020A metaheuristic framework based automated Spatial-Spectral graph for land cover classification from multispectral and hyperspectral satellite imagesSuresh S.; Lal S.-
2021NucleiSegNet: Robust deep learning architecture for the nuclei segmentation of liver cancer histopathology imagesLal S.; Das D.; Alabhya K.; Kanfade A.; Kumar A.; Kini J.-
2021O-SegNet: Robust Encoder and Decoder Architecture for Objects Segmentation From Aerial Imagery DataEerapu K.K.; Lal S.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2020Optimized Dynamic Stochastic Resonance framework for enhancement of structural details of satellite imagesAsha C.S.; Singh M.; Suresh S.; Lal S.-
2020A robust framework for de-speckling of optical coherence tomography imagesGupta P.K.; Lal S.; Husain F.-
2020A robust method for nuclei segmentation of HE stained histopathology imagesLal S.; Desouza R.; Maneesh M.; Kanfade A.; Kumar A.; Perayil G.; Alabhya K.; Chanchal A.K.; Kini J.-
2018A study about color normalization methods for histopathology imagesRoy S.; kumar Jain A.; Lal S.; Kini J.-