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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019A 28-32GHz CMOS LNA with broadband approach for 5G Mm-wave communication cellsVignesh R.; Gorre P.; Kumar S.; Song H.-
2021A 61.2-dBΩ, 100 Gb/s Ultra-Low Noise Graphene TIA over D-Band Performance for 5G Optical Front-End ReceiverGorre P.; Vignesh R.; Song H.; Kumar S.-
2021A 64 ​dBΩ, 25 ​Gb/s GFET based transimpedance amplifier with UWB resonator for optical radar detection in medical applicationsGorre P.; Vignesh R.; Song H.; Kumar S.-
2021A 8–12 GHz, 44.3 dBm RF output class FF−1 DPA using quad-mode coupled technique for new configurable front-end 5G transmittersKumar R.; Dwari S.; Kanaujia B.K.; Kumar S.; Song H.-
2019Application of life cycle assessment in municipal solid waste management: A worldwide critical reviewKhandelwal H.; Dhar H.; Thalla A.K.; Kumar S.-
2020Attacks on Android-Based Smartphones and Impact of Vendor Customization on Android OS SecurityKumar S.; Kittur L.J.; Pais A.R.-
2020Computational and experimental studies on the development of an energy-efficient drier using ribbed triangular duct solar air heaterNidhul K.; Kumar S.; Yadav A.K.; Anish S.-
2021Critical review of ribbed solar air heater and performance evaluation of various V-rib configurationNidhul K.; Yadav A.K.; Anish S.; Kumar S.-
2021Distributed Cloud Deep Learning Architecture for Complex Image Analysis and Run-time Prediction ToolKumar S.; Thomas E.; Horo A.; Annappa B.-
2020Dual-Band Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for Wireless Neural Monitoring ApplicationsGopavajhula S.; Kumar S.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2020Effects of fiber addition on performance of high-performance alkali activated slag concrete mixes: An experimental evaluationManjunath R.; Narasimhan M.C.; Kumar S.-
2020Enhanced thermo-hydraulic performance in a V-ribbed triangular duct solar air heater: CFD and exergy analysisNidhul K.; Kumar S.; Yadav A.K.; Anish S.-
2021Essential Requirements of IoT’s Cryptographic Algorithms: Case StudyKumar S.; Lone Z.A.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2020A facile, low temperature spray pyrolysed tungsten oxide (WO3): an approach to antifouling coating by amalgamating scratch resistant and water repellent propertiesVardhan R.V.; Kumar S.; Mandal S.-
2021Highly robust X-band quasi circulator-integrated low-noise amplifier for high survivability of radio frequency front-end systemsVignesh R.; Gorre P.; Song H.; Kumar S.-
2019Identifying Parking Lots from Satellite Images using Transfer LearningKumar S.; Thomas E.; Horo A.-
2020Influence of Integration of Phase Change Materials on Hydration and Microstructure Properties of Nanosilica Admixed Cementitious MortarSnehal K.; Das B.B.; Kumar S.-
2021Lagrange's multiplier based resource management for energy efficient D2D communication in 5G networksPandey K.; Arya R.; Kumar S.-
2021MatchCloud: Service Matching for Multi Cloud MarketplaceChakma A.; Kumar S.; Mahato P.K.; Satpathy A.; Addya S.K.-
2019Mechanical properties of pavement quality concrete produced with reclaimed asphalt pavement aggregatesPanditharadhya B.J.; Mulangi R.H.; Ravi Shankar A.U.; Kumar S.-