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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
20114-(Morpholin-4-yl)-3-(trifluoro-meth-yl)-benzonitrileFun, H.-K.; Asik, S.I.J.; Kumar, R.; Isloor, A.M.; Shivananda, K.N.-
2016Ageist Spider Monkey Optimization algorithmSharma, A.; Sharma, A.; Panigrahi, B.K.; Kiran, D.; Kumar, R.-
2013Antifouling and performance enhancement of polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes using CaCO3 nanoparticlesNair, A.K.; Isloor, A.M.; Kumar, R.; Ismail, A.F.-
2006Comparative study of ocean wave spectrum using ENVISAT SAR data and wave rider buoy dataPai, B, J.; Kumar, R.; Sarkar, A.; Hegde, A.V.; Dwarakish, G.S.-
2017Design of series, Fi=Fi-1+Fi-3 for the denominators (1, 2,6) of switched capacitor converterSubburaj, V.; Jena, D.; Kumar, R.; Deshmukh, A.V.; Nayak, B.; Bansal, H.-
2010Determination of mixed layer depth from C-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)Pai, B, J.; Kumar, R.; Sarkar, A.; Hegde, A.V.; Dwarakish, G.S.-
2015An efficient method for contrast enhancement of real world hyper spectral imagesLal, S.; Kumar, R.-
2019Emission from open burning of municipal solid waste in IndiaKumari, K.; Kumar, S.; Rajagopal, V.; Khare, A.; Kumar, R.-
2010Exploring the effectiveness of social capabilities and goal alignment in computer supported collaborative learningAi, H.; Kumar, R.; Nguyen, D.; Nagasunder, A.; Ros´┐Ż, C.P.-
2018A high efficiency on-chip reconfigurable Doherty power amplifier for LTE communication cellsKumar, R.; Kanuajia, B.K.; Dwari, S.; Kumar, S.; song, H.-
2019An integrated cascode DE power amplifier for RF calibration system towards measurement of bio-sensor applicationsKumar, R.; Kanaujia, B.K.; Dwari, S.; Kumar, S.; song, H.-
2019Life cycle assessment of municipal solid waste management options for IndiaKhandelwal, H.; Thalla, A.K.; Kumar, S.; Kumar, R.-
2008Lossless compression of digital mammography using fixed block segmentation and pixel groupingKumar, R.; Koliwad, S.; Dwarakish, G.S.-
2019Measurement and covariance analysis of 232Th (n , 2 n) 231Th reaction cross sectionKarkera, M.; Yerraguntla, S.S.; Punchithaya, S.; Suryanarayana, S.V.; Karantha, M.P.; Naik, H.; Ganesan, S.; Dhanu, L.S.; Kumar, R.; Deo, K.; Raj, D.; Patel, T.; Bishnoi, S.; Kannan, U.-
2013Modification of PSf/PIAM membrane for improved desalination applications using Chitosan coagulation mediaKumar, R.; Ismail, A.F.; Kassim, M.A.; Isloor, A.M.-
2011N-(5-Bromopyridin-2-yl)acetamideFun, H.-K.; Shahani, T.; Kumar, R.; Isloor, A.M.; Shivananda, K.N.-
2018Non-invasive blood components measurement using optical sensor system interfaceRaikham, P.; Kumar, R.; Shah, R.K.; Hazarika, M.; Sonkar, R.K.-
2018Optimization of adaptive resonance theory neural network using particle swarm optimization techniqueSatpute, K.; Kumar, R.-
2013Performance improvement of polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane using N-succinyl chitosan as additiveKumar, R.; Isloor, A.M.; Ismail, A.F.; Matsuura, T.-
2018Performance intensification of the polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane by blending with copolymer encompassing novel derivative of poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride) for heavy metal removal from wastewaterIbrahim, G.P.S.; Isloor, A.M.; Inamuddin; Asiri, A.M.; Ismail, A.F.; Kumar, R.; Ahamed, M.I.-