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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Alkali absorption and durability studies on CFRP laminated compositesKumar T.S.M.; Krishna M.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2021Analysis of impact behaviour of sisal-epoxy composites under low velocity regimeMahesh V.; Nilabh A.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Comparative study of damage behavior of synthetic and natural ber-reinforced brittle composite and natural ber-reinforced exible composite subjected to low-velocity impactVishwas M.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2021A comprehensive review on material selection for polymer matrix composites subjected to impact loadMahesh V.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2019Correction to: Influences of dielectric and conductive fillers on dielectric and mechanical properties of solid silicone rubber composites (Iranian Polymer Journal, (2019), 28, 7, (563-573), 10.1007/s13726-019-00724-4)Shankar B.S.M.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2021Development and assessment of large stroke piezo-hydraulic actuator for micro positioning applicationsS M.; Rao M.; Karanth P N.; Kulkarni S.M.; Upadhya A.R.-
2020Evaluation of tensile strength and slurry erosive behaviour of jute reinforced natural rubber based flexible compositeMahesh V.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Experimental investigation on dielectric properties of composites using Taguchi techniqueShankar B.S.M.; Mathias K.A.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Influence of filler and processing parameters on the mechanical properties of dielectric elastomer compositesShankar B.S.M.; Mathias K.A.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Influence of filler on dielectric properties of silicone rubber particulate composite materialMathias K.A.; Shivashankar H.; Manohar Shankar B.S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2019Influence of laminate thickness and impactor shape on low velocity impact response of jute-epoxy composite: FE studyMahesh V.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2021Influence of thickness and projectile shape on penetration resistance of the compliant compositeMahesh V.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2021Investigation on dielectric properties of PDMS based nanocompositesShivashankar H.; Kevin A.M.; Manohar S.B.S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Investigation on mechanical behaviour of filament wound glass/epoxy composites subjected to water absorption and also tribological studies using Taguchi methodBiradar S.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Modeling and optimization of thermally excited carbon black and polymer composite actuatorHiremath S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Multi-response optimization of the turn-assisted deep cold rolling process parameters for enhanced surface characteristics and residual stress of AISI 4140 steel shaftsPrabhu P.R.; Kulkarni S.M.; Sharma S.-
2020PDMS–ZnO flexible piezoelectric composites for measurement of muscle activityJugade S.S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Performance analysis of a novel piezo actuated valveless micropump for biomedical applicationSanthya M.; Upadhya A.R.; Panambur N.K.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Performance analysis of valveless micropump with disposable chamber actuated through Amplified Piezo Actuator (APA) for biomedical applicationS M.; Karanth P N.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Photomechanical actuation of polydimethylsiloxane/carbon black nanocompositeHiremath S.; Kulkarni S.M.-