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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019A compact dual-band rectenna for RF energy harvestingPolaiah G.; Krishnamoorthy K.; Kulkarni M.-
2021Compact high-efficiency pentahedron and quatrefoil shape antennas with enhanced gain for GSM1800, 3G, 4G-LTE energy harvesting applicationsPolaiah G.; Krishnamoorthy K.; Kulkarni M.-
2021Compact uwb slotted monopole antenna with diplexer for simultaneous microwave energy harvesting and data communication applicationsPolaiah G.; Kandasamy K.; Kulkarni M.-
2020Congestion control performance investigation of ModQUIC protocol using JioFi network: A case studyKharat P.; Kulkarni M.-
2019Congestion controlling schemes for high-speed data networks: A surveyKharat P.; Kulkarni M.-
2020Data Aggregation using Compressive Sensing for Energy Efficient Routing StrategyPuneeth D.; Kulkarni M.-
2020Data Aggregation Using Distributed Compressive Sensing in WSNsPuneeth D.; Kulkarni M.-
2020A dual-band modified quadrilateral square slotted rectenna for rf energy harvestingPolaiah G.; Krishnamoorthy K.; Kulkarni M.-
2020An electronically switchable UWB to narrow band antenna for cognitive radio applicationsJacob N.; Kulkarni M.; Krishnamoorthy K.-
2013Erratum: BER Performance Enhancement for Secure Wireless Communication Systems Based on DCSK-MIMO Techniques under Rayleigh Fading Channel (Radioelectronics and Communications Systems (2013) 56:10 (481))Abdulameer L.F.; Jokhakar J.D.; Shripathi, Acharya U.; Kulkarni M.-
2020Gain Enhanced Dual-Band Differential Fractal Slot Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting ApplicationsPolaiah G.; Krishnamoorthy K.; Kulkarni M.-
2014Message from the ISED 2014 Organizing ChairsKulkarni M.; Bhat M.S.-
2021Modified QUIC protocol with congestion control for improved network performanceKharat P.; Kulkarni M.-
2020Omega Shaped Complementary Split Ring Resonator Loaded Bandwidth Reconfigurable Antenna for Cognitive Radio ApplicationsJacob N.; Kulkarni M.; Krishnamoorthy K.-