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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Back propagation genetic and recurrent neural network applications in modelling and analysis of squeeze casting processPatel, G.C, M.; Shettigar, A.K.; Krishna, P.; Parappagoudar, M.B.-
2018A brief review on fly ash and its use in surface engineeringBhajantri, V.; Krishna, P.; Jambagi, S.-
2017Design and development of microneedle array-based electrode for bio-potential measurementBalashanmugam, N.; Naveen, K.; Krishna, P.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2019Experimental study of Mode i and Mode II interlaminar fracture toughness on aerospace structural composite T300/914Sachin, S.; Nayaka, H.S.; Santhosh, B.; Krishna, P.-
2015Influence of Ni-P Coated SiC and Laser Scan Speed on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of IN625 Metal Matrix CompositesSateesh, N.H.; Mohankumar, G.C.; Krishna, P.-
2016An intelligent system for squeeze casting process soft computing based approachManjunath, Patel, G.C.; Krishna, P.; Parappagoudar, M.B.-
2019Laser surface melting of ?-TiAl alloy: An experimental and numerical modeling studyBalichakra, M.; Bontha, S.; Krishna, P.; Balla, V.K.-
2018Machinability of Hardened Alloy Steel using Cryogenic MachiningArun, Kumar, S.; Yoganath, V.G.; Krishna, P.-
2013Machinability studies of low alloy steels by face turning method: An experimental investigationLalbondre, R.; Krishna, P.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2013Methodological and parametric studies of machinability of carbon and alloy steelsLalbondre, R.; Krishna, P.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2016Modelling and multi-objective optimisation of squeeze casting process using regression analysis and genetic algorithmManjunath, Patel, G.C.; Krishna, P.; Parappagoudar, M.B.-
2015Modelling of squeeze casting process using design of experiments and response surface methodologyPatel, G, C, M.; Krishna, P.; Parappagoudar, M.B.-
2016Multi-Objective Optimization of Squeeze Casting Process using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm OptimizationPatel, G.C.M.; Krishna, P.; Vundavilli, P.R.; Parappagoudar, M.B.-
2018Optimal sizing and stacking sequence of composite skid landing gear of a helicopterRamesh, Kumar, K.R.; Krishna, P.; Nagarathna, H.S.-
2012Prediction and optimization of dimensional shrinkage variations in injection molded parts using forward and reverse mapping of artificial neural networksManjunath, Patel, G.C.; Krishna, P.-
2019Prediction and validation of residual stresses generated during laser metal deposition of ? titanium aluminide thin wall structuresBalichakra, M.; Bontha, S.; Krishna, P.; Balla, V.K.;
2015Prediction of secondary dendrite arm spacing in squeeze casting using fuzzy logic based approachesPatel, M.G.C.; Krishna, P.; Parappagoudar, M.B.-
2012Prediction of surface finish and optimization of machining parameters in turningPrasad, D.; Krishna, P.; Rao, S.S.-
2016Squeeze casting process modeling by a conventional statistical regression analysis approachPatel, G.C., M.; Krishna, P.; Parappagoudar, M.B.-
2017Synthesis of high hardness IR optical coating using diamond-like carbon by PECVD at room temperatureAnkit, K.; Varade, A.; Niranjan, Reddy, K.; Dhan, S.; Chellamalai, M.; Balashanmugam, N.; Krishna, P.-