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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019A deep learning approach to detect drowsy drivers in real timePinto A.; Bhasi M.; Bhalekar D.; Hegde P.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Efficient Traffic Signboard Recognition System Using Convolutional NetworksMothukuri S.K.P.; Tejas R.; Patil S.; Darshan V.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Highlighting Nerves in Images for Ultrasound Guided Regional AnesthesiaAkkasaligar P.T.; Koolagudi S.G.; Biradar S.; Hotagi P.; Badiger S.-
2020Identification of Nasalization and Nasal Assimilation from Children’s SpeechRamteke P.B.; Supanekar S.; Aithal V.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Identification of Palatal Fricative Fronting Using Shannon Entropy of SpectrogramRamteke P.B.; Supanekar S.; Aithal V.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Image Colorization Using GANs and Perceptual LossSankar R.; Nair A.; Abhinav P.; Mothukuri S.K.P.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Kannada Dialect Classification using Artificial Neural NetworksMothukuri S.K.P.; Hegde P.; Chittaragi N.B.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Kannada Dialect Classification Using CNNHegde P.; Chittaragi N.B.; Mothukuri S.K.P.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2021NLP2SQL Using Semi-supervised LearningVathsala H.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Polyphonic sound event detection using transposed convolutional recurrent neural networkChatterjee C.C.; Mulimani M.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Speaker Recognition in Emotional Environment using Excitation FeaturesThomas T.; Spoorthy; Sobhana N.V.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Spectral Features for Emotional Speaker RecognitionSandhya P.; Spoorthy V.; Koolagudi S.G.; Sobhana N.V.-
2019Word Sense Disambiguation using Bidirectional LSTMRakshith J.; Savasere S.; Ramachandran A.; Akhila P.; Koolagudi S.G.-