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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Adaptive non-local level-set model for despeckling and deblurring of synthetic aperture radar imageryJidesh, P.; Balaji, B.-
2011An adaptive total variation model with local constraints for denoising partially textured imagesBini, A.A.; Bhat, M.S.; Jidesh, P.-
2017Ball Convergence for Second Derivative Free Methods in Banach SpaceArgyros, I.K.; Jidesh, P.; George, S.-
2013A complex diffusion driven approach for removing data-dependent multiplicative noiseJidesh, P.; Bini, A.A.-
2017Convergence of a Tikhonov Gradient Type-Method for Nonlinear Ill-Posed EquationsGeorge, S.; Shubha, V.S.; Jidesh, P.-
2014A convex regularization model for image restorationJidesh, P.-
2011Curvature driven diffusion coupled with shock for image enhancement/reconstructionJidesh, P.; George, S.-
2014A Curvature-Driven Image Inpainting Approach for High-Density Impulse Noise RemovalJidesh, P.; Bini, A.A.-
2015A derivative free iterative method for the implementation of Lavrentiev regularization method for ill-posed equationsShubha, V.S.; George, S.; Jidesh, P.-
2019Estimation of Noise Using Non-local Regularization Frameworks for Image Denoising and AnalysisJidesh, P.; Febin, I.P.-
2012Fabrication of nanoporous alumina and their structural characteristics study using SEM image processing and analysisChoudhari, K.S.; Jidesh, P.; Udayashankar, N.K.-
2016Finite dimensional realization of a quadratic convergence yielding iterative regularization method for ill-posed equations with monotone operatorsShubha, V.S.; George, S.; Jidesh, P.; Shobha, M.E.-
2016Finite dimensional realization of a Tikhonov gradient type-method under weak conditionsShubha, V.S.; George, S.; Jidesh, P.-
2011Fourth-order variational model with local-constraints for denoising images with texturesJidesh, P.; George, S.-
2019A fully-automated system for identification and classification of subsolid nodules in lung computed tomographic scansSavitha, G.; Jidesh, P.-
2014Gauss curvature-driven image inpainting for image reconstructionJidesh, P.; George, S.-
2013Geometric transform invariant Brain-MR image analysis for tumor detectionTom, A.; Jidesh, P.-
2017Image despeckling and deblurring via regularized complex diffusionJidesh, P.; Bini, A.A.-
2018Image despeckling with non-local total bounded variation regularizationJidesh, P.; Banothu, B.-
2016Image Restoration Using Adaptive Region-Wise p-Norm Filter with Local ConstraintsBini, A.A.; Jidesh, P.-