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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Advanced control approach for shunt active power filter interfacing wind- solar hybrid renewable system to distribution gridJayasankar, V.N.; Vinatha, U.-
2018Design of Backstepping Controller for a Three-phase Shunt Active Filter Interfacing Solar Photovoltaic System to Distribution GridJayasankar, V.N.; Vinatha, U.-
2018Design of backstepping controller for PV-wind hybrid system with grid-interfacing and shunt active filtering functionalityJayasankar, V.N.; Vinatha, U.-
2018Enhancement of load voltage compensation using positive sinusoidal sequence regulator in fuzzy logic controlled three phase series active filterJayasankar, V.N.; Kumar, N.B.; Vinatha, U.-
2016Implementation of adaptive fuzzy controller in a grid connected wind-solar hybrid energy system with power quality improvement featuresJayasankar, V.N.; Vinatha, U.-
2015Interconnection of wind-solar hybrid Renewable Energy source to the 3 phase-3 wire distribution system along with power quality improvements at the grid sideGururaj, M.V.; Vinatha, U.; Jayasankar, V.N.-
2019Modified instantaneous power theory and fuzzy logic based controller for grid-connected hybrid renewable energy system with shunt active power filter functionalityJayasankar, V.N.; Vinatha, U.-
2019PI Control Based DC Link Voltage Controller for Grid Integrated Domestic Photo Voltaic SystemsKumar, N.B.; Jayasankar, V.N.; Vinatha, U.-
2016A study on hybrid Renewable Energy Source interface to the non-ideal grid at distribution level with power quality improvementsJayasankar, V.N.; Gururaj, M.V.; Vinatha, U.-
2016Wind-solar grid connected renewable energy system with series active self tuning filterAravind, S.; Vinatha, U.; Jayasankar, V.N.-