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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2015An applicability of AODV and OLSR protocols on IEEE 802. 11p for city road in VANETJaiswal, R.K.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2020Applicability of machine learning in spam and phishing email filtering: review and approachesGangavarapu, T.; Jaidhar, C.D.; Chanduka, B.-
2019An Approach to Speed Invariant Gait Analysis for Human Recognition using Mutual InformationAnusha, R.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2018Assessment of objective functions under mobility in RPLSanshi, S.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2019Clothing invariant human gait recognition using modified local optimal oriented pattern binary descriptorAnusha, R.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2015Comparative study of Principal Component Analysis based Intrusion Detection approach using machine learning algorithmsChabathula, K.J.; Jaidhar, C.D.; Ajay, Kumara, M.A.-
2016EDAGF: Estimation & direction aware greedy forwarding for urban scenario in vehicular ad-hoc networkJaiswal, R.K.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2019An Empirical Study to Detect the Collision Rate in Similarity Hashing Algorithm Using MD5Gangavarapu, T.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2020An empirical study to estimate the stability of random forest classifier on the hybrid features recommended by filter based feature selection techniqueDarshan, S.L.S.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2019Enhanced mobility aware routing protocol for Low Power and Lossy NetworksSanshi, S.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2020Enhanced mobility routing protocol for wireless sensor networkSanshi, S.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2016Execution time measurement of virtual machine volatile artifacts analyzersKumara, M.A.A.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2019Experimental analysis of Android malware detection based on combinations of permissions and API-callsSingh, A.K.; Jaidhar, C.D.; Kumara, M.A.A.-
2019Frontal Gait Recognition based on Hierarchical Centroid Shape Descriptor and Similarity MeasurementAnusha, R.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2019Fuzzy optimised routing metric with mobility support for RPLSanshi, S.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2018H-LEACH protocol with modified cluster head selection for WSNBasavaraj, G.N.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2020Human gait recognition based on histogram of oriented gradients and Haralick texture descriptorAnusha, R.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2015Hypervisor and virtual machine dependent Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for virtualized cloud environmentAjay, Kumara, M.A.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2016Image segmentation using encoder-decoder architecture and region consistency activationNaik, D.; Jaidhar, C.D.-
2017Information gain score computation for N-grams using multiprocessing modelDarshan, S.L.S.; Kumara, M.A.A.; Jaidhar, C.D.-