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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016CFD analysis of turboprop engine oil cooler duct for best rate of climb conditionKalia, S.; Ca, V.; Hegde, S.M.-
2006Combinatorial labelings of graphsHegde, S.M.; Shetty, S.-
2016Construction of graceful digraphs using algebraic structuresHegde, S.M.; Kumudakshi-
2016The dynamics of the forest graph operatorDara, S.; Hegde, S.M.; Deva, V.; Rao, S.B.; Zaslavsky, T.-
2019Further results on Erd?s Faber Lov sz conjectureHegde, S.M.; Dara, S.-
2016Further Results on Graceful DigraphsHegde, S.M.; Shivarajkumar-
2016Further Results on Graceful Directed GraphsHegde, S.M.; Kumudakshi-
2011Further Results on Harmonious Colorings of DigraphsHegde, S.M.; Castelino, L.P.-
2012Further results on proper and strong set colorings of graphsHegde, S.M.; Sumana, M.K.-
2003Further Results on Set Sequential and Set Graceful GraphsHegde, S.M.-
2011Further results on super edge-magic deficiency of graphsHegde, S.M.; Shetty, S.; Shankaran, P.-
2015Graceful digraphs and complete mappingsHegde, S.M.; Kumudakshi-
2015Harmonious colorings of digraphsHegde, S.M.; Castelino, L.P.-
2002On arithmetic graphsHegde, S.M.; Shetty, S.-
2016On clique convergence of graphsHegde, S.M.; Dara, S.-
2002On graceful treesHegde, S.M.; Shetty, S.-
2014On graceful unicyclic wheelsHegde, S.M.; Kumar, S.-
2014On k-graceful digraphsHegde, S.M.; Shivarajkumar-
2003On magic graphsHegde, S.M.; Shetty, S.-
2008On multiplicative labelings of a graphHegde, S.M.-