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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
20203D printable modules for manually reconfigurable manipulator with desired D-H parametersMarebal, D.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2011Automated multi-agent search using centroidal Voronoi configurationGuruprasad, K.R.; Ghose, D.-
2018Centroidal voronoi partitioning using virtual nodes for multirobot coverageNair, V.G.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2015The COMRADE system for multirobot autonomous landmine detection in postconflict regionsDasgupta, P.; Baca, J.; Guruprasad, K.R.; Mun z-Mel ndez, A.; Jumadinova, J.-
2007Deploy and search strategy for multi-agent systems using Voronoi partitionsGuruprasad, K.R.; Ghose, D.-
2012A distributed algorithm for computation of exact Voronoi cell in a multi-robotic systemGuruprasad, K.R.; Dasgupta, P.-
2012Distributed Voronoi partitioning for multi-robot systems with limited range sensorsGuruprasad, K.R.; Dasgupta, P.-
2014Distributed, complete, multi-robot coverage of initially unknown environments using repartitioningHungerford, K.; Dasgupta, P.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2013Effectiveness-based Voronoi partition: A new tool for solving a class of location optimization problemsGuruprasad, K.R.-
2012Egress: An online path planning algorithm for boundary explorationGuruprasad, K.R.; Dasgupta, P.-
2012EgressBug: A real time path planning algorithm for a mobile robot in an unknown environmentGuruprasad, K.R.-
2011Generalized Voronoi partition: A new tool for optimal placement of base stationsGuruprasad, K.R.-
2019GM-VPC: An Algorithm for Multi-robot Coverage of Known Spaces Using Generalized Voronoi PartitionNair, V.G.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2013Heterogeneous locational optimisation using a generalised Voronoi partitionGuruprasad, K.R.; Ghose, D.-
2015Identifying gamakas in Carnatic musicVyas, H.M.; Suma, S.M.; Koolagudi, S.G.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2020Manhattan distance based Voronoi partitioning for efficient multi-robot coverageNair, V.G.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2016Model-based distributed cooperative control of a robotic manipulatorSoumya, S.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2018Model-based manipulator control and the computational costSoumya, S.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2010Multi-agent search strategy based on centroidal Voronoi configurationGuruprasad, K.R.; Ghose, D.-
2008Multi-agent search using sensors with heterogeneous capabilitiesGuruprasad, K.R.; Ghose, D.-