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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Activated carbon-based dye-sensitized solar cell for development of highly sensitive temperature and current sensorDasari, K.K.; Gumtapure, V.-
2019Characterization of linear low-density polyethylene with graphene as thermal energy storage materialChavan, S.; Gumtapure, V.; Arumuga, Perumal, D.-
2019Computational investigation of bounded domain with different orientations using CPCMChavan, S.; Gumtapure, V.; Arumuga, Perumal, D.-
2020Experimental studies on cyclic variations in a single cylinder diesel engine fuelled with raw biogas by dual mode of operationJagadish, C.; Gumtapure, V.-
2020Numerical and experimental analysis on thermal energy storage of polyethylene/functionalized graphene composite phase change materialsChavan, S.; Gumtapure, V.; D, A.P.-
2018Numerical Studies for Charging and Discharging Characteristics of Composite Phase Change Material in A Deep and Shallow Rectangular EnclosureChavan, S.; Arumuga, Perumal, D.; Gumtapure, V.-
2019Parametric analysis and thermodynamic optimization of organic rankine cycle for low grade waste heat recoveryUpadhyaya, S.; Gumtapure, V.-
2019Preparation and characterization of nanoparticle blended polymers for thermal energy storage applicationsChavan, S.; Gumtapure, V.; Perumal, D.A.-
2019Thermal property study of fatty acid mixture as bio-phase change material for solar thermal energy storage usage in domestic hot water applicationB.V., R.M.; Gumtapure, V.-
2018Thermodynamic analysis of organic Rankine cycle with Hydrofluoroethers as working fluidsUpadhyaya, S.; Gumtapure, V.-
2020Upgrading of coconut shell-derived pyrolytic bio-oil by thermal and catalytic deoxygenationDasari, K.K.; Gumtapure, V.; Dutta, Saikat-