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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Accelerating MCMC using model reduction for the estimation of boundary properties within Bayesian frameworkGnanasekaran N.; Harsha Kumar M.K.-
2019Analysis of forced convection heat transfer through graded PPI metal foamsKotresha B.; Gnanasekaran N.-
2019Effect of sliding speed and rise in temperature at the contact interface on coefficient of friction during full sliding of SS304Palanikumar P.; Gnanasekaran N.; Subrahmanya K.; Kaliveeran V.-
2020Evaluation of artificial neural network in data reduction for a natural convection conjugate heat transfer problem in an inverse approach: experiments combined with CFD solutionsKumar M.K.H.; Vishweshwara P.S.; Gnanasekaran N.-
2019Identification of effective location of thermocouples from the contact interfacePalanikumar P.; Gnanasekaran N.; Subrahmanya K.; Kaliveeran V.-
2020Inverse approach using bio-inspired algorithm within Bayesian framework for the estimation of heat transfer coefficients during solidification of castingVishweshwara P.S.; Gnanasekaran N.; Arun M.-
2019Inverse Estimation of Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficient During the Solidification of Sn-5wt%Pb Alloy Using Evolutionary AlgorithmVishweshwara P.S.; Gnanasekaran N.; Arun M.-
2021Numerical consideration of LTNE and darcy extended forchheimer models for the analysis of forced convection in a horizontal pipe in the presence of metal foamJadhav P.H.; Gnanasekaran N.;; Perumal D.A.-
2020A Parametric Study on Mixed Convection in a Vertical Channel in the Presence of Wire MeshKotresha B.; Gnanasekaran N.-
2020A review of lattice boltzmann method computational domains for micro-and nanoregime applicationsNarendran G.; Perumal D.A.; Gnanasekaran N.-
2018A review on recent advances in microchannel heat sink configurationsNarendran G.; Gnanasekaran N.; Perumal D.A.-