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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Acoustic features based word level dialect classification using SVM and ensemble methodsChittaragi, N.B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2019Acoustic-phonetic feature based Kannada dialect identification from vowel soundsChittaragi, N.B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2019Automatic dialect identification system for Kannada language using single and ensemble SVM algorithmsChittaragi, N.B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2019Automatic text-independent Kannada dialect identification systemChittaragi, N.B.; Limaye, A.; Chandana, N.T.; Annappa, B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2018Dialect Identification Using Spectral and Prosodic Features on Single and Ensemble ClassifiersChittaragi, N.B.; Prakash, A.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2019Extractive Document Summarization Using a Supervised Learning ApproachCharitha, S.; Chittaragi, N.B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2018Matching Witness' Account with Mugshots for Forensic ApplicationsMohan, A.; Dhir, R.; Hirashkar, H.; Chittaragi, N.B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2018Normalized videosnapping: A non-linear video synchronization approachTripathi, A.; Changmai, B.; Habib, S.; Chittaragi, N.B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2019A Novel Approach to Video Steganography using a 3D Chaotic MapNarayanan, G.; Narayanan, R.; Haneef, N.; Chittaragi, N.B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2019Robust Dialect Identification System using Spectro-Temporal Gabor FeaturesChittaragi, N.B.; Krishna, Mothukuri, S.P.; Hegde, P.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2020Sentence-Based Dialect Identification System Using Extreme Gradient Boosting AlgorithmChittaragi, N.B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2019Spectral Feature Based Kannada Dialect Classification from Stop ConsonantsChittaragi, N.B.; Hegde, P.; Mothukuri, S.K.P.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2018Tomato Leaf Disease Detection Using Convolutional Neural NetworksTm, P.; Pranathi, A.; Saiashritha, K.; Chittaragi, N.B.; Koolagudi, S.G.-