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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2006?(3) measurements and optical limiting in dibenzylideneacetone and its derivativesKiran, A.J.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Nooji, S.R.; Shashikala, H.D.; Umesh, G.; Kalluraya, B.-
2016D-A conjugated polymers containing substituted thiophene, 1,3,4-oxadiazole and non-conjugation linkers: Synthesis and study of optical and electrochemical propertiesPrashanth, Kumar, K.R.; Udayakumar, D.; Siji, Narendran, N.K.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Srivastava, R.-
2019Effects of substituents on the enrichment of the optical limiting action of novel imidazo[2,1-: B] [1,3,4]thiadiazole fused thiophene-based small moleculesKakekochi, V.; Udayakumar, D.; Nikhil, P.P.; Chandrasekharan, K.-
2020Impact of donor acceptor alternation on optical power limiting behavior of H Shaped thiophene imidazo[2,1-b] [1,3,4]thiadiazole flanked conjugated oligomersKakekochi, V.; Nikhil, P, P.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Udayakumar, D.-
2019An investigation on photophysical and third order nonlinear optical properties of novel thermally stable thiophene imidazo [2,1-b][1,3,4] thiadiazole based azomethinesKakekochi, V.; Udayakumar, D.; P, N.P.; Chandrasekharan, K.-
2008Nonlinear optical properties of p-(N,N-dimethylamino)dibenzylideneacetone doped polymerKiran, A.J.; Satheesh, Rai, N.; Udayakumar, D.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Kalluraya, B.; Philip, R.; Shashikala, H.D.; Adhikari, A.V.-
2007Nonlinear optical studies of 1-3-diaryl-propenones containing 4-methylthiophenyl moietiesJohn, Kiran, A.; Mithun, A.; Shivarama, Holla, B.; Shashikala, H.D.; Umesh, G.; Chandrasekharan, K.-
2007Nonlinear optical studies of a newly synthesized copolymer containing oxadiazole and substituted thiophenesJohn, Kiran, A.; Udayakumar, D.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Ahdikari, A.V.; Shashikala, H.D.; Philip, R.-
2008Radioprotection by copper and zinc complexes of 5-aminosalicylic acid: A preliminary studyMantena, S.K.; Unnikrishnan, M.K.; Chandrasekharan, K.-
2006Studies on nonlinear optical parameters of bis-chalcone derivatives doped polymerShettigar, S.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Umesh, G.; Sarojini, B.K.; Narayana, B.-
2008Studies on third-order nonlinear optical properties of chalcone derivatives in polymer hostShettigar, S.; Umesh, G.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Sarojini, B.K.; Narayana, B.-
2007Synthesis and nonlinear optical characterization of copolymers containing alternating 3,4-dialkoxythiophene and 1,3,4-oxadiazolydbenzene unitsUdayakumar, D.; Kiran, A.J.; Adhikari, A.V.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Shashikala, H.D.-
2007Third order nonlinear optical properties and optical limiting in donor/acceptor substituted 4'-methoxy chalcone derivativesRavindra, H.J.; John, Kiran, A.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Shashikala, H.D.; Dharmaprakash, S.M.-
2007Third order nonlinear optical properties and two photon absorption in newly synthesized phenyl sydnone doped polymerShettigar, S.; Umesh, G.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Kalluraya, B.-
2008Third-order nonlinear optical properties and two-photon absorption in polymers doped with p-phenyl sydnoneShettigar, S.; Umesh, G.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Rai, G.; Kalluraya, B.-
2006Third-order nonlinear optical studies of newly synthesized polyoxadiazoles containing 3,4-dialkoxythiophenesUdayakumar, D.; John, Kiran, A.; Adhikari, A.V.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Umesh, G.; Shashikala, H.D.-
2006Z-scan and degenerate four wave mixing studies on newly synthesized copolymers containing alternating substituted thiophene and 1,3,4-oxadiazole unitsKiran, A.J.; Udayakumar, D.; Chandrasekharan, K.; Adhikari, A.V.; Shashikala, H.D.-