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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Analysis of sigmoidal utility function based handover in heterogeneous wireless networksChandavarkar, B.R.; Ram Mohana Reddy, Guddeti-
2017Common TCP evaluation suite for ns-3: Design, implementation and open issuesNagori, K.; Balachandran, M.; Deepak, A.; Tahiliani, M.P.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2014Comparative analysis of queue mechanisms with respect to various traffic in wired-cum-wireless networkDhadse, J.S.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2010Congestion adaptive routing in wireless mesh networksTiwari, A.K.; Basavaraju, T.G.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2015Detecting Rogue Access Points using KismetThejdeep, G.; Sagar, S.B.; Siddartha, L.K.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2019E-Var: Enhanced void avoidance routing algorithm for underwater acoustic sensor networksNazareth, P.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2012An Efficient Bandwidth Management algorithm for WiMAX (IEEE 802.16) wireless network: EBM allocation algorithmGupta, A.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2019Enhanced Last-Touch Interaction Attribution Model in Online AdvertisingYuvaraj, C.B.; Chandavarkar, B.R.; Kumar, V.S.; Sandeep, B.S.-
2011Implementation of AAA server for PMIPv6 in NS-2Tarbani, N.M.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2018Implementation of the Event Service of Media Independent Handover for Wi-Fi in ns-3Peter, S.R.; Chandavarkar, B.R.; Tahiliani, M.P.-
2015Improving RED for reduced UDP packet-dropMukund, Y.R.; Rohit, C.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2019MalDetect: A Framework to detect Fast Flux DomainsMahesh; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2015Mitigation of desynchronization attack during inter-eNodeB handover key management in LTEPavan, Kumar, Reddy, K.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2019Mitigation of hard-coded credentials related attacks using QR code and secured web service for IoTVerma, R.S.; Chandavarkar, B.R.; Nazareth, P.-
2017Optimizing set of paths connecting multiple source-sink pairsAgrawal, A.; Dixit, B.; Karve, V.U.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2013Performance comparison of executing fast transactions in bitcoin network using verifiable code executionSingh, P.; Chandavarkar, B.R.; Arora, S.; Agrawal, N.-
2012Preventing bad prefixes attack in IPv6 stateless address auto-configuration protocolDoshi, R.D.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2017Prevention of MITM attack caused by rogue router advertisements in IPv6Ouseph, C.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2011Protection against denial of service and input manipulation vulnerabilities in service oriented architecturePais, A.R.; Deepak, D.J.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2013Security analysis of session initiation protocol in IPv4 and IPv6 based VoIP networkSonwane, G.D.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-