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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2011Chitosan/NiO nanocomposites: A potential new dielectric materialBhatt, A.S.; Bhat, D.K.; Santosh, M.S.; Tai, C.-W.-
2011Crystallinity, conductivity, and magnetic properties of PVDF-Fe 3O4 composite filmsBhatt, A.S.; Bhat, D.K.; Santosh, M.S.-
2012Crystallinity, magnetic and electrochemical studies of PVDF/Co 3O 4 polymer electrolyteBhatt, A.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2010Electrical and magnetic properties of chitosan-magnetite nanocompositesBhatt, A.S.; Krishna, Bhat, D.; Santosh, M.S.-
2011Electrochemical properties of chitosan-Co3O4 nanocomposite filmsBhatt, A.S.; Bhat, D.K.; Santosh, M.S.-
2012Influence of nanoscale NiO on magnetic and electrochemical behavior of PVDF-based polymer nanocompositesBhatt, A.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2011Microwave-assisted synthesis and magnetic studies of cobalt oxide nanoparticlesBhatt, A.S.; Bhat, D.K.; Tai, C.-W.; Santosh, M.S.-
2011Molecular interactions between glycylglycine and Mn(COOCH3) 2 in aqueous and aqueous ethanol mixturesSantosh, M.S.; Bhat, D.K.; Bhatt, A.S.-
2010Physico-chemical, acoustic and excess properties of glycylglycine-MnCl2 in aqueous ethanol mixtures at different temperaturesSantosh, M.S.; Bhatt, A.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
2011Synthesis of different phases of nano manganese oxides and their dielectric behaviour in chitosan compositesHarshita, B.A.; Bhat, D.K.; Bhatt, A.S.-
2010Ultrasonic velocities, densities, and viscosities of glycylglycine and CoCl2 in aqueous and aqueous ethanol systems at different temperaturesSantosh, M.S.; Krishna, Bhat, D.; Bhatt, A.S.-
2010Volumetric, refractometric, and excess properties of glycylglycine in aqueous FeCl2 solution at temperatures T = (288.15 to 318.15) KSantosh, M.S.; Bhat, D.K.; Bhatt, A.S.-